March 25, will go down in history as the day when Dragon Ball Super stopped broadcasting in Japan. While it is true that the series has all the signs of continuing in the future, apart from the announced movie for December 14, we have a perfect occasion to collect the 4 best Moments of the 131 episodes of the anime. If you agree, tell us below what your favorite moments have been.

The combat that woke the beast

If there is a fight in Dragon Ball Super in which we started to feel something like Dragon Ball Z coming through, that was undoubtedly episode 39, with the fierce fight between Goku and Hit in the Champa tournament.

This battle was unleashed in the third saga of the series, a very special arc to be the first strictly new one (remember that the first two sagas of the series adapted the last two "Dragon Ball" films).

But why did this episode mark us in this way? Finally, we started to see Son Goku really serious during the fight (something that we missed in the early stages of the series with his antics), the graphic finish looked really constant during the 20 minutes and the surprise of the Super Saiyan Blue added to the Kaioh Ken, left us all with our mouths open. If we add to this the insertion of the bocal theme during the climax of the chapter and the final cliffhanger, we can see why the emotion was triggered.

The most anticipated fusion and the most emotional farewell

The fourth saga of Dragon Ball Super told us the story of Trunks of the future and Goku Black, an argument that left us all in suspense week after week. If anything, we would highlight that this arc would be his last two episodes, 66 and 67. In the first of these episodes, we enjoyed the final battle between Vegetto and Zamas, one of the best episodes in the field of animation until that date (but, it would return would come later ...).

Not only did we vibrate with the beating that Vegetto gave to corrupted Kaiohshin, but also with the final attack of Trunks that split the monster in two.

But in the next chapter, we witnessed the farewell of Trunks of the future, between tears, while Gohan, who was his deceased teacher in another time and timeline, wished him all the best as he was suspended in heaven.

Watching this scene and being aware of the whole story behind it ... is simply heartbreaking.

I did not feel anything like that since Namek

And this is not an impression of my own, it has happened to many fans. When Goku first unleashed the Migatte no Gokui Kizashi (Ultra Indictment Instinct) in episode 110 of the Power Tournament, a lot of fans felt something like the first time they watched the birth of the Super Saiyan on Namek. On this occasion, we find a dark atmosphere after the failed Genkidama of Goku, a halo of mystery after the disappearance of the latter and an explosion of emotion when we see it appear again.

Observe Goku in a trance, with that look at the void and hear his deafening screams with glimpses of Ohzaru.

Check that he has awakened something really unknown to all of us, something that is finally able to stand up to Jiren, the most intractable fighter in the world. Undoubtedly, that episode, which aired on the same day as 109, was a turning point in the quality of the series and the tournament itself.

The best animated battle of the series

And we come to episode 130, where we possibly find the best-animated combat of the whole series. And no wonder, because Toei Animation, despite not having physical production time, was able to have some of their best animators, with Naotoshi Shida at the helm. If episode 110 surprised us, this episode surpassed all our expectations with the apocalyptic combat between Goku, who had already dominated the Ultra Instinct, and Jiren, who unleashed his hidden power.

The number of movements and visual effects are innumerable.

I will insist the production of this chapter was the best. Toei was able to give us this marvel of animation, with hardly any elaboration time. It's a true miracle that will remain forever in the history of the work. The whole episode itself is a great moment, and the outcome with the appearance of A-17 is more than memorable, something that nobody could expect. We all anticipated Freeza, but the Android? No, nobody saw that coming!