The fans of "90 Day Fiance" are convinced that Nicole actually left her daughter behind when she made the big move to Morocco to live with her fiance Azan. On the show, Nicole took her daughter May over to see him and they got along well. The thing is Azan couldn't end up coming to the United States, so she actually ended up going to live with him. Now the fans feel like they have revealed that she left her daughter behind. May was actually calling Azan dad on the show.

What ended up happening?

Recently, Nicole shared a photo of her daughter, but she wasn't with her.

Instead, this was a picture of May with Nicole's sister. The fans feel like this has pretty much confirmed that Nicole left her behind. When Nicole went to visit Azan her mom didn't want her to take her daughter with her. She just felt like it would be best if she ended up leaving her behind with their family. Maybe she convinced her to do it this time around. One fan wrote and said, "Glad to see may in America...Hope you [are] enjoying Morocco." She has been there a while and it wasn't like it was just a short vacation. It seems like she might not have May with her, which is really odd or maybe she just sent her back to the United States for a bit.

Why isn't he in the United States?

It turns out that Azan's K-1 Visa was actually denied and he can't come here to marry Nicole.

Instead, she ended up going to him so that they could still be together. So he can come here, but it is not going to be easy. She has to go to Morocco and end up marrying him there. Then you end up applying for the CR-1 visa. If this can get approved, then they can move to the United States and live as a married couple here.

There have also been a ton of rumors that Nicole and Anza may not be able to work things out because he is allegedly cheating on her with several girls. Sources say that he has been with at least six other people. Of course, there is not any real proof out there and Nicole also is still with him. One woman says that he was just trying to be with Nicole so that he could get to move to the United States.

That wouldn't be surprising at all, but as of right now they are still together and trying to work through their relationship.

Are you shocked to hear that the fans think that Nicole left her daughter behind? Do you feel like this is what really happened? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss "90 Day Fiance" when it returns to TLC with new episodes. It has already been confirmed that the show will be back.