You'd think Tommie Lee from "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" could stay out of trouble with the law at least for a little while but here we are again. The Shade Room reports that there is another warrant for Tommie's arrest after a recent court no-show. It wasn't related to the Lexox Mall case though. This was for another incident that happened over two years ago!

Tommie's initial charges

Tommie Lee was supposed to appear in a Fulton County court yesterday but she didn't show up. The "LHHATL" star is still dealing with DUI and driving without a license charges from all the way back in January 2016.

Don't remember that particular incident? We do! Let me fill you in.

Back in January 2016, Tommie Lee was pulled over by the Georgia State Patrol. Upon approaching the Jeep, TMZ reported that officers noticed a lot of movement coming from it. When they asked the male in the driver's seat what was going on, he admitted to trading seats with Tommie before officers came to the window.

When Tommie was told to exit the vehicle, she refused. After refusing to obey, officers dragged Tommie out of the vehicle. They reported that the "LHHATL" star appeared very intoxicated with "watery, bloodshot" eyes and slurred speech so they arrested her for suspected DUI and also for disorderly conduct and because her license expired.

'LHHATL' star accuses police of brutality

Tommie insisted that she never did anything wrong and even accused the police of "brutality" She even posted pictures of the bruises that she incurred at the hands of police and briefly shared a dashcam video of the arrest before deleting it.

It didn't take long for officers to see Tommie Lee's accusations and refute them.

They released another video from the incident that showed an officer telling Tommie multiple times to get out of the car and no one got out of the car. Then, the officer can be seen yanking her out of the back seat, throwing her to the ground and pinning her arms behind her back while she as cuffed.

Headed back to jail?

The whole ordeal did look pretty dramatic and the debate over the police use of force was necessary is still unresolved.

You can watch a video of Tommie Lee's arrest below and decide for yourself. Apparently, the case itself was still unresolved, leading up to a court date for Tommie on March 28 that she reportedly did not show up for.

This was a bad move for Tommie, who could really be dealing with some legal trouble now. According to The Shade Room, prosecutors in the Lexon Mall case filed a motion asking the judge to revoke Tommie's bond for that incident. With one arrest warrant already issued and possibly another on the way, this is not good news for the "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" star. Why can't she just stay out of trouble?