On Thursday afternoon, Donald Trump made his way to Ohio for a speech on his infrastructure plans, but it appeared to be more of campaign-style re-election rally. After hitting on some of his favorite talking points, including taking credit for the high ratings on "Roseanne," critics made sure to fire back.

Trump on Roseanne

During the 2016 election, Donald Trump made sure his rallies were controversial and newsworthy, often making comments that went viral on social media and landed on in the headlines.

Since taking office in January 2017, the former host of "The Apprentice" has created a constant stream of controversy surrounding his administration, including the ongoing Russian investigation and allegations of an affair with adult film star Stormy Daniels. With drama continuing in the White House, Trump made his way to Richfield, Ohio to address a variety of topics, including the high ratings of the TV show "Roseanne," as reported by NBC News on March 29.

Taking to the stage on Thursday, Donald Trump was initially going to focus on his infrastructure plan, but as expected, the commander in chief went into a different direction, including gloating about the high ratings of the revival of "Roseanne." "Look at Roseanne.

I called her yesterday. Look at her ratings," Trump said. "It was about us. The fake news hasn't figure it out. It's about us," Trump added in reference to the show's creator and star being a supporter of the president.

Trump on guns

Not stopping there, Donald Trump then went on to praise himself, before giving a shout-out for his support of the Second Amendment.

"I have gotten done much more than I promised," Trump said. "We've done a lot of things that I didn't even promise, because I figured it couldn't happen," he added.

"We want to protect our Second Amendment," Donald Trump made sure to add as the crowd cheered on.

"We have the best judges," he added, vowing to not allow any changes to the country's major gun laws. "Your Second Amendment will always be your Second Amendment," Trump noted.

Instant backlash

As Donald Trump was making his remarks, those who oppose the commander in chief made sure to give their thoughts. "Hey Trump, if Tv Ratings is your goal, watching you resign would be the highest rated TV event in history," a tweet suggested.

"His narcissism knows no bounds!" a Twitter user added.

"No it wasn’t....always taking credit for something that he had no part of. What an idiot," yet another tweet noted. "This man is positively pathological. And I thought I was a narcissist," Greg Baldwin wrote.

"I was on the fence about Roseanne...if it’s a show that makes you laugh, watch it.

We’re not all going to agree with every entertainer. But when the leader of the free world takes credit for it, it ceases to be entertainment. So fu*k Roseanne," a social media user posted. "She was barely funny back in the day; now she's a disgusting nutbag Trump lover," a follow-up tweet added.