Lala Kent dished on all the latest "Vanderpump Rules" drama during a recent appearance on "The Jenny Mccarthy Show" on Sirius XM. In addition to telling all about Jax Taylor's relationship with Brittany Cartwright, Kent revealed why her friend and co-star Scheana Marie could use an intervention.

“To be honest, I just don’t see how Jax and [Brittany Cartwright] can ever get past [the cheating]. She’s a bigger woman than I am because he’d be dead and I’d be in jail. I just don’t think he is made to be in a relationship,” Kent explained to host Jenny McCarthy, via a February 27 report by Hollywood Life.

Jax Taylor did more than cheat on Brittany Cartwright

“Everyone made such a big deal about him cheating and I went beyond that," Kent continued. "[Jax Taylor] was laying in bed with [Faith Stowers] saying things that were absolutely horrific about his girlfriend. That’s just when you say, ‘This is way bigger than you just putting your ***** in someone that’s not me.’ When you are telling another woman that you aren’t attracted to your girlfriend anymore and that you guys don’t sleep together, I’m sorry, it reaches a different level and I don’t see them lasting.”

Although many have suspected that Brittany Cartwright has only stayed in her relationship because she doesn't want to lose her role on "Vanderpump Rules," Lala Kent said that Cartwright would be on the series even if she did ditch her cheating boyfriend.

“We would ditch Jax Taylor before Brittany," she mused. "Whether they are together or not, Brittany is on the show. She’s not going anywhere. Either she really is that forgiving and in love or she moved from Kentucky to be with him. That’s all she knows. So, I can see her being afraid of the unknown.”

Scheana Marie needs to take a breather

When asked which of her co-stars needs an intervention, Kent said it was Scheana who would benefit from an outsider's take.

“I love her a lot but I feel her head is in the clouds… with everything," Lala Kent said of her co-star. "She expects people to act a certain way, she expects people to act how she would act and I’ve been there. You are always going to be let down if that is the way you think. I think she needs an outsider to bring her back to earth.”

“[Scheana Marie] brings a lot of ‘yes’ men around. There’s always a new person,” Lala Kent continued.

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