Kim Kardashian seems to have made an Epic Fail with the launch of a new line of beauty products. Twitter has bombed all over the Kim Kardashian KKW line's new concealers. Once again, the star of "Keeping up with the Kardashians" has gotten it wrong with people of color. The Washington Post mentioned that her beauty line is at least one area where Kim does not cause controversy, but she managed it this time.

Epic fail noticed by thousands of people

The epic fail was noticed by thousands of people and instantly got slammed on Twitter. Kim Kardashian or someone she employs, posted the ad for her new line of beauty products on the brand's Twitter account.

She captioned the tweet with, "16 shades. Concealer Kits available exclusively at http://KKWBEAUTY.COM on 03.23 at 12pm PST. #KKWBEAUTY #ConcealBakeBrighten."

Look at the media attached to the post below, and see if you, like so many others, can notice the mistake that someone made for the launch.

Beauty line cannot be used by the model

As you can see, the 16 concealers are painted along the arm of the model, who is a person of color. As @savmontreal pointed out, "how many shades can this model actually use though?"

Most people would agree that perhaps the model could use only one of the concealers in Kim Kardashian's new line.

This was considered an epic fail by most people.

Kim generates a lot of laughter on Twitter

There were heaps of tweets about the Kardashian ad. Some people were getting all technical about the difference between concealer and foundation, but there were many laughing emoji's and crying with laughter too, over the epic fail.

Others were angry with her.

YaYasma posted, "I've ceased being amazed at how ignorant Kim chooses to be about a culture she's chosen to create multiple babies with. Oh, I forgot...they don't "see color" in her house. Nor in her makeup company."

Of course, the memes came out and in reply to one user, who said the model was Kim Kardashian's Blackboard, @GuerdyY posted the one below.

"@KimKardashian get it together girl your lack of awareness on your own makeup line is getting OLD Sincerely, @WokeWhiteGirl," tweeted one person, with Mama June giving the thumbs down.

Anger by some at Kim Kardashian

Other Twitter users were not impressed by the epic beauty line fail and saw nothing at all to laugh about. @MissyandNicole posted, "Kim is dead wrong for this. Sorry dark skin woman, the Kardashians were never here for you."

DANT was angry too, and posted, "Thanks #KKWBEAUTY because of yโ€™allโ€™s epic fail Iโ€™ve been introduced to @fentybeauty looks like I can find something to match my summer skin tone over there."

What do think about Kim Kardashian's new KKW' beauty line of concealers? Do you think she made the epic fail, or was it someone in her marketing department?