Over the weekend Jim Carrey tweeted out a portrait that is created in the image of Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Although he didn't attach her name to this disturbing creation, there's no doubt among both the mainstream media and social media sites that this is a depiction of the White House Press Secretary.

It didn't take long for the backlash to emerge as it is a "disgraceful" rendition of Huckabee Sanders, which is just one word used to describe this portrait on the social media sites, according to Fox News. Carrey captioned his tweet: "This is the portrait of a so-called Christian whose only purpose in life is to lie for the wicked.

Monstrous!" The tweet is seen below.

Fox & Friends have their say

Fox & Friends showed this portrait on their Monday morning show and people were not offering stellar reviews over the latest handiwork shared by Carrey. This comes on the heels of another swipe at the Trump administration, which was also a hot-button issue over the weekend.

Trump 'Exposed'

The New Yorker plastered an "Exposed" image of Donald Trump on the cover of its latest edition of the magazine. This image of Trump was also seen as disturbing and disrespectful to not only Trump but to the office of the U.S.

President as well. The artist who created Trump in the buff is Barry Blitt. He claims he is trying to show Trump's relationship with the media today. That image is seen below from a Facebook post.

Donald Trump's "tiny hands" mentioned

The image comes complete with tiny hands, which may be a throwback to Marco Rubio's comment during the campaign when he said Trump has "small hands." Bustle reports that Trump's "tiny hands" were mentioned on social media.

It seems that the Trump administration has been the target of some rather unflattering artwork and while there are some on the social media sites offering up critiques of praise, others, even non-supporters of Trump are suggesting this has gone too far.

Enough is enough

Many people across the social media sites suggest that even if you don't like who is in the office of the President and the Administration, you should still show respect to the positions they hold.

Both Trump and Huckabee Sanders have young children, who would probably be mortified seeing their parent in these renditions.

Jim Carrey had recently come under fire for another portrait he shared following the high school shooting in Florida. He tweeted a picture of what appeared to be a dead schoolgirl laying on top of an American flag with blood splattered around. While Carry is respected as an accomplished artist in some circles, the folks online today are not happy with some of his latest work.