katie maloney used to get herself into trouble as she would insert herself into arguments and discussions about her "Vanderpump Rules" co-stars, including Lala Kent's personal relationship and Scheana Marie's personal life. Katie never seems to think she's doing anything wrong, but fans watching last night's episode of "Vanderpump Rules" were quick to point out that Katie made a rude comment when they were discussing Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute's comments about Jeremy Madix. Before Billie Lee's date with Jeremy, Stassi and Kristen called Jeremy creepy because of their previous experience with him.

While Ariana Madix was furious about the things that they were saying about her brother, it was Katie who inserted herself into the situation, revealing that there was nothing comfortable with someone being "predatory." This comment clearly rattled Ariana as she doesn't see her brother as a predator. According to a new tweet, Katie Maloney is now revealing that she shouldn't be blamed for the predatory comment because she was merely repeating what someone else had said.

'Predator' comment

It seems odd that she's now trying to clear her name, as she seemed to insert herself into a conversation that had nothing to do with her. While she was there when the conversation happened, there was nothing she could contribute as it wasn't about her.

On Twitter, she may have faced some harsh comments as she called Jeremy a predator, which was a far-out comment considering he was just flirting with Stassi at the wedding.

It didn't help that Katie's husband is best friends with Tom Sandoval, who is dating Ariana Madix.

Tom and Jeremy are actually good friends, as they are practically family.

Friendships are rattled

While Katie Maloney may have talked about Jeremy being a predator because someone else said it, she didn't make that clear during the show. It seems like she's only apologizing for it now because she's facing heat from fans. It would have been better if she had stayed out of the conversation and kept silent, as things wouldn't have escalated at her apartment later on with Stassi and Tom Sandoval.

Things were only fueled by the accusation that Jeremy was a predator, something Ariana took very personally.

What do you think about Katie Maloney's tweet about her role in the conversation? Do you think she's trying to avoid taking responsibility for the comment she made during Monday's episode of the show?