Farrah Abraham has been a controversial figure for a long time, as she made some interesting choices when she chose to film two adult films and sell the rights to Vivid Entertainment. At the time, Farrah expressed regret that she had done the films, but it appeared that she didn't mind doing it as much after receiving over a million dollars in royalties. With the movies came plenty of opportunities, as she created her own sex-toy line and lingerie events. She also recently started doing webcam shows, where she shows off herself to paying customers.

During last night's episode of "Teen Mom OG," Farrah revealed that she felt it was wrong of the producers to ask her to choose between her career in the entertainment industry and "Teen Mom OG." Without really talking about it with the producer, she said she wanted to stop filming "Teen Mom OG" and pursue other ventures. Now, it seems like she has more to say about the show. According to a new tweet, Farrah Abraham is now revealing that she feels the show is unsafe for children.

Unsafe reality show

In her tweet, Farrah Abraham explains that she simply can't support MTV and Viacom for creating a hateful and discriminatory situation for her and her daughter, Sophia. She also points to inequality on the show, which isn't great for her daughter.

Abraham explains that she has done everything to protect her daughter, and she wants the supposed truth to come out.

Farrah's exit from the show has been a controversial one and Abraham reveals that she absolutely loves the idea of standing strong and fighting inequality in the wrong place.

However, it seems wrong that she's dragging MTV into this. None of the other "Teen Mom OG" stars have spoken out about MTV being a horrible place to work.

Not filming with MTV anymore

As of right now, Farrah Abraham isn't filming the show anymore. She also skipped out on the reunion special with her co-stars as she was invited to an Oscar-related party.

She has revealed that she doesn't want anything to do with MTV anymore, but it is possible that she will speak out about her time on the show once her lawsuit against MTV has settled. She's currently suing MTV and Viacom for $5 million for wrongful termination. Given the lawsuit, she may not be allowed to speak out about the network.

What do you think about Farrah Abraham's tweet, where she calls "Teen Mom OG" unsafe for children? Do you think she knows something about the production that she isn't revealing to the public?