Kailyn Lowry reportedly is in over her head financially. The mother of three recently admitted to being in 'so much debt' according to Radar Online reports. According to the celebrity news site, Kailyn Lowry may be living well above her means, and it has gotten her into some serious financial trouble.

'Teen Mom 2' star served with a tax lien

It has been revealed that Kail was recently hit with a tax lien, stating that she owes the state of Delaware nearly $6000. So far according to the Kent County Superior Court Kail has not paid off her debt. However, no court date has been scheduled as of yet.

Kailyn Lowry recently revealed during her podcast that she is in a lot of debt. The mom of Issac, 8, Lincoln, 4, and Lux, 7-months sure has her hands full.

Kailyn Lowry and Mackenzie Standifer are not going to be friends

As most parent well know raising kids is a very expensive venture. Lowry claims the debt started piling up after she remortgaged her house and her BMW car payment is also pretty steep. Monthly living bills plus expensive legal bills add up quickly. Some followers of the "Teen Mom 2" star are a little confused though why she is having money issues considering the paychecks, these moms take home from MTV.

According to In Touch "Teen Mom 2" cast members reportedly make around $300,000 per season give or take a few thousand.

That is a nice chunk of change. This does not even include the various other business ventures these ladies have going for them thru endorsements, book deals, clothing lines and so on. So this is substantially much, much more than many working families make.

Kailyn Lowry has also been making news headlines over the past week after revealing that she is ready to have a fourth baby. She recently revealed that she has been looking into sperm banks and felt as if she will have another child sooner rather than later.

This could pose more of an issue if the "Teen Mom" star is already having money problems with three children. Lowry also made news headlines when she spoke out her thoughts on "Teen Mom OG" cast member Ryan Edwards recent baby news announcement and recent heroin-related arrest. A nasty feud has broken out between Edwards pregnant wife Mackenzie Standifer and Kailyn Lowry after Kail stated that she felt Standifer had used Ryan's position on the reality series to benefit herself.

Adding that now that she had become pregnant she had secured herself a paycheck. Standifer did not take kindly to Kail's harsh words and fired back that she was "a b**ch, and this is coming from someone who gets pregnant every two seconds by three different people." We have a feeling this is not the last verbal bashing these two will engage in. What are your thoughts on all of Kailyn Lowry's recent drama?