This season on "The Bachelor" Arie Luyendyk Jr. upset a lot of people when he ended up breaking up with Becca to be with Lauren. These two are very happy together now, but he is still getting a hard time from fans. Now, Juan Pablo Galavis is speaking out about how he isn't considered the worst "Bachelor" ever anymore. This has him back in the news once again and people wondering about him.

Juan Pablo shares his thoughts

Juan Pablo Galavis has been considered one of the most hated "Bachelor" leads ever. He was rough to watch and it was just not a very good season as he always told everyone "It's Okay." ET's Keltie Knight got to talk to Juan Pablo on the red carpet at this year's iHeartRadio Music Awards on Sunday at The Forum in Inglewood, California.

Juan Pablo explained saying, "You know, I feel bad for him. Because at the end of the day… you just get to be with that person for [around] 40 hours, so you don't know them that well." The truth is you do propose pretty soon after being in "The Bachelor." In the normal world, nobody would be popping the question that quickly.

One thing that Juan Pablo admitted was that he didn't watch this season of the show, but he says if Arie is with the right girl now that he did the right thing. It seems to have all worked out seeing that Becca is now going to be "The Bachelorette." Juan Pablo doesn't think that Arie just took over as the worst "Bachelor" though, he said "he smashed me!" That seems to make him feel better about it all.

JP is happy now, but he is not with Nikki anymore and has found love with someone else instead.

What went down on his season?

JP did pick a girl in the end, but he didn't Pop The Question. He picked Nikki Ferrell and wanted to just get to know her better. He says that her dad said not to propose unless he was sure. He wasn't ready to propose to her yet and instead did what he felt like was right.

This did end up upsetting a lot of people, but it has all worked out well in the end. Juan Pablo does have a daughter, so it made it a bit easier for him to see where Nikki's dad was coming from not wanting him to pop the question unless he was sure about it. It sounds like he made the right choice.

Are you shocked to hear Juan Pablo Galavis speaking out against Arie Luyendyk Jr.?

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