"Teen Mom" star Jenelle Evans' timing couldn't be any worse. The reality TV mom and husband David Eason are being bashed and labeled as insensitive and inappropriate following their recent Valentine's Day photo share. Emotions continue to run high across the country today following the tragic and heartbreaking news of the devastating Florida school shooting.

David Eason handles social media issues poorly

In all honesty, you would have to actually live under a rock (and even then) to not have been aware of the sheer horror and devastation coming out of Florida on Valentines' Day.

That being said, Jenelle Evans and David Eason claim they were unaware of the tragedy unfolding when they decided to share the controversial photos.

Clueless or careless?

The photo reveals Jenelle dressed in black while holding a large firearm which she appears to be aiming at a target. David Eason captioned the photo.."My babes a bad a** babe! Happy Valentine's Day!" he captioned the photo with hashtags which included "target practice" and "safety first." The photo was also shared on Eason's page. Immediately following the post the couple's social media fans and followers began flooding the pages with comments calling Jenelle Evans and David "insensitive and inappropriate."

Despite the timing and insensitivity of the subject matter David Eason quickly clapped back with a shocking and harsh response to the fan criticism.

"Do you think I ‘check the news before I post a picture... umm no b****!’ Eason responded. Jenelle sent out a quick tweet on the matter, posting, "bad timing Ya think?!" before quickly deleting the photo from her social media pages and exchanging it for your normal run of the mill Valentines' Day couple photo.

How will 'Teen Mom' fans feel?

Needless to say, this harsh response to the matter still does not sit well with Jenelle Evans' followers at all. Especially since David's response to the matter did not allegedly appear to carry any remorse. His photo remains up on his social media accounts, however, he did opt to make commenting a no-go on the post.

This poor judgment call could very well have some adverse effects on the MTV couple's popularity status moving forward.

Regardless, this is what reality television thrives on. How do you feel Jenelle Evans and David Eason should have handled this situation? Do you think their chosen behavior will negatively impact them moving forward?