Heather Locklear's bizarre behavior during a February 25 domestic violence altercation with boyfriend Chris Heisser has landed her back in a medical treatment facility, according to TMZ. Not only is Locklear back in rehab, she has criminal charges of domestic violence and three counts of battery against a Police officer to contend with when she faces the judge on March 13.

Family and friends fear for Heather Locklear's life

Things appear to be getting worse for Heather Locklear following her arrest. Things between her and her daughter Ava Sambora are rocky, to say the least.

Ava was at her mom's house when all the commotion went down and had to watch her mom get carted off to jail, but not before she physically attacked and threatened to shoot her arresting officers.

Drugs and alcohol have driven a wedge between Locklear and daughter Ava

As previously reported, Ava is now in Hawaii with her dad former Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora, who took his daughter on vacation to get her away from all the craziness surrounding her mother's recent arrest. Ava is reportedly very upset and traumatized by her Locklear's crazed behavior. TMZ reports police arrived back at Heather Locklear's home early Tuesday, March 6, with a search warrant to hunt for a gun that Locklear had threatened to use against the police if they "ever returned to her home." The police searched the gun permit records and found that Locklear has a gun permit from 1985.

Officers searched her Thousand Oaks home for several hours looking for the said weapon. Nothing was found on the premises, but that doesn't get Locklear off the hook. In fact, the former "Melrose Place" actress may find even more charges awaiting her when she appears before the judge. Family And Friends close to Locklear have reportedly revealed that they have been very concerned for the actress.

They feel that if something drastic doesn't take place to snap her into reality sooner rather than later, the outcome will be tragic.

It comes as no surprise to celebrity news followers that Heather Locklear has returned to treatment, especially since she was reportedly very intoxicated at the time of her arrest. It is a common move made by celebrities who are facing possible jail time after such an incident.

However, it is not believed that the judge will have much mercy for her, considering her long and extensive history with the law and drug and alcohol abuse.

This is Heather Locklear's seventh attempt at treatment, her fourth in the last year. How do you believe the court will handle Locklear's recent arrest, do you believe jail time is awaiting her?