After last week's episode on safe spaces, this one will have fans of both Team Aaron and Team Luca happy (or maybe unhappy) according to The Good Men Project. Despite Cash winning Zoey's heart earlier in the season's run, we all knew that the show's original love triangle would come into play. In the meantime, The Christian Post hints that Jazz will enjoy dating her new man while Ana deals with being the tamest one of her friends. Now, let's get into the episode from March 21.

Defining the relationship

As Zoey narrates about confronting intimacy head on, we watch Zoey share a close dance with both Aaron as Luca watches from a distance, and with Luca as Aaron watches from a distance (we also see Zoey watch each guy dance with other women as well).

In the meantime, Jaz breaks the news to the group that she and Doug are an item now! Zoey celebrates but admits that she's jealous that her friend is back in a relationship. After the club, the girls discuss Jaz and Doug, and she gives us a romantic story about how she was comfortable enough to go "#2" in his bathroom, thus symbolizing how close they've become (in case you weren't sure, I was using romantic sarcastically).

Nonetheless, the girls "awww" over her story, and Zoey admits she wants what Jaz has. Nomi tells Zoey that she thought he was done with guys after Cash, but the twins remind her that Luca and Aaron are still in the game.

Luca spends hours on end with her but then disappears for days at a time. Aaron treats her like a friend in public while being extra romantic in public. She considers talking to them in person, which results in a unanimous "no" from the girls. Putting yourself out there emotionally like that? It's just not realistic!

Zoey decides to go about it in her own special way: indirectly bringing it up.

She tries to get Luca to come out and tell her about his views on relationships, or more specifically if he wants to be in a relationship with her. While Zoey gets a personally crafted dress from Luca out of the conversation, she's no closer to figuring out whether or not he wants to be with her romantically. Next up is Aaron.

She tries to talk to him during video game time and notes that Aaron refers to her as "his girl" when getting off Live with his gamer friends. A friend of Aaron's comes over while they speak, and Aaron refers to Zoey as his homie in front of him. She gets her answer from that and makes a quick exit.

Zoey dances and Aaron confesses

As the girls get ready for the formal, they play a game of "Never Have I Ever," and Ana discovers that she's lived a relatively calm life. She's never smoked, gotten a DUI, kissed a girl, and so on and so on. She takes a drink after the girls point this out, causing her to feel bad. Later, Zoey's dress is delivered and Luca tells her that she looks beautiful in it. As he leans in, she thinks he's going to kiss her on the lips, but merely kisses her on the cheeks.

He leaves and tells her to have fun at the formal. Luca tells her that dances are corny to him, and Zoey's hurt that he never planned on coming (but maybe he would've if she was upfront with him). The girls, beautifully dressed, make their way to the formal as Zoey returns to her "screw guys" mentality for the night. Let's see how long it lasts.

Professor Talphy is DJ'ing while our young adults dance and enjoy themselves. During a brief pause, Nomi and Ana head for drinks while Aaron asks Zoey to come outside. He tells her she looks amazing in her dress. She makes a sly remark about dressing well for a homie. When he notices she's cold, he gives her his coat to wear.

Aaron tells Zoey that he "like likes" her. Finally! Someone has come clean about their feelings.

Luca returns and Ana starts 'living'

While dancing together, Ana tries to kiss Nomi, but she shoots her down. She tells her she's not going to be used as a check off Ana's bucket list. She takes a sip of a mysterious drink before returning to the crowd. Back outside, Aaron tells Zoey that he's liked her for a long time and stupidly calling her a homie in front of his friend really made her realize it. He seemingly goes in to kiss her, but whispers in her ear "Think about it."

As he leaves, Zoey turns around...and sees Luca standing there in a tux with flowers.

He's about to walk away when she tells him he dissed her and she came with her friends. Then Aaron came and told her how he feels. She says she didn't know him or Luca cared about her. Luca simply says "now you know," before handing her the flowers and sadly walking off.

Ana's incredibly drunk and can barely walk before she throws up into a potted plant. Nomi escorts her out of the prom, narrowly missing the Dean catching her underage drinking. Ana thanks her for getting her home safely, and Nomi kisses her to shut her up about "living." Zoey returns home to see a passed out Ana and Nomi watching over her. She catches her up to speed on their situation. Zoey's got some choices to make, and she's not looking forward to it.

Nomi tells her she can't fall into a relationship, she has to choose one of the boys for herself. She just has to face the fact that she'll lose the other. "Make a grown-up decision," Nomi tells Zoey. Grown-up decisions on "grown-ish?" Who would've thought!

In the end

Zoey decides that she'll sleep on it and that things will hopefully feel less complicated in the morning. Before bed, there's a knock on the door, and who's there? Not Aaron, not Luca, but Cash! Looks like this just got more complicated.

"Grown-ish" has set the stage for its season finale that will finally (presumably at least) have Zoey choose who she wants to be with. Looks like both Zoey and the show's freshman year is going to go out with a bang! Who will she choose? Find out next week on the season one finale of "Grown-ish," Wednesday at eight on Freeform.