''The Walking Dead'' may reach its terminus point in the future. An unfortunate downward trend in terms of viewership stirred up some debate about the AMC-produced show's future. Even so, things are still good as the TV show is currently the most popular one on IMDb charts.

Season 8 episode 10 of ''The Lost and the Plunderers'' had another dramatic outburst. It was Carl's death that fueled it and how hard is for Rick Grimes to cope with the painful situation of losing his son. Michonne is there to support Rick, but she can't hide the fact that the tragedy is affecting her a lot.

Another dramatic stream took place at the scrapyard where Jadis, the ex-leader of The Scavengers, stands in the middle of a brutal collection of images. Watching that scene may require a hard stomach or to put in better words, an empty one.

But enough with this hard-to-tolerate images. Let's get back to Rick Grimes and his future in this show. Some may have predicted him a dramatic ending, but Rick is here to stay. Basically, the whole show has been built to revolve around him, and him only. All others, are representing sideline stories, even Negan. This villain might be the most dangerous one Rick's group had to fight against, but that doesn't change the bigger picture.

Rick Grimes won't die, and it's likely to survive up until the end.

Otherwise, the whole show's construction should be deemed irrelevant.

So far, Rick went through two massive loses. He lost his wife Lori back in Season 3, and now his son Carl suffered a similar ending. His daughter Judith is the only blood-tied family he has left but, as horrible as it may look, even the little Judith might be in danger.

Rick Grimes' journey should be considered a purgatory-like adventure. He has done good things and bad things, he witnessed mercy or injustice, and he is currently in search for a compass to guide him forward.

Negan might not be the end of the adventure

It's been a while since Negan and the Saviors got into the spotlight. They made themselves a brutal entry with the killings of Glenn and Abraham, and since then, they have been Rick Grimes' greatest nightmare.

The last episode saw Negan having a strange conversation via radio with Rick. It seems that this degenerate psychopath killer had some threads of emotions left under his skin. Visibly moved by the news of Carl's death, Negan and Rick are expected to have another bloody confrontation soon.

Although Negan stands as the biggest challenge of the Atlanta-based group, he might not be the to put a cap on the adventure. Season 9 has bee confirmed, and it would be interesting to see if Negan will be done and dusted by the end of the current season.