As early as Episode 2, one of the biggest focal points of Zoey Johnson's storyline has been her love life, and tonight's closing episode (March 28) of Season 1 looks to finally put it to rest. An article from The Good Men Project hints that Zoey's struggle to choose between Luca, Cash, and Aaron is finally resolved tonight after being brought back to the forefront last week. What happens is written about below.

Zoey hides while the boys vent

We pick up where we left off last week. Cash comes to tell Zoey that he messed up and that he should've never let her go.

Zoey begins to flash back to thoughts of all three guys as she narrates that college is about making serious life choices, choices that include picking who you want to be with. Cash asks her if he can come in to talk, but Zoey tells him that she'll text him before closing the door in his face. The next day, the twins see Cash at the gym and immediately decide to leave. He greets them, but they're cold to him (because of girl code of course) until he reveals he may be staying another year. He says it's because of the school has a real shot at winning championships next year, but the twins know better than to buy the lie he's selling.

In the meantime, Nomi sniffs out "Blue Hornet" weed that is coming from Luca's room.

She sees him painting a detailed piece, and realizes that Luca's painting Zoey, and therefore painting his own feelings. A hungover Nomi runs into Aaron at the cafeteria, and he asks her if Zoey would like if he bought them Hamilton tickets. She's surprised and questions what's going on. Later, Ana, Nomi, and the twins confront Zoey.

"We need to talk about [Aaron], [Luca], [Cash]," they all say. Will the ladies step in to help to make Zoey's choice easier or more difficult?

The girls play a classic college game and Cash joins the class

Instead of class, the girls take Zoey to their usual hang out spot to talk about Zoey's guy problem.

Nomi suggests a classic game of "F***, Marry, Kill" in terms of categorizing which guy is most compatible with her. Zoey reluctantly agrees to hear them out. Ana says to sleep with Cash, kill Luca, and marry Aaron. Zoey's confused and says she thought she hated him. She tells him that he's actually sweet (and even got them Hamilton tickets), has gotten her to care about topics she wasn't knowledgeable about before, and she was the one who she has had feelings for the longest.

Meanwhile, in class, Aaron and Luca are sitting on either side of the seat that Zoey normally is in. They exchange petty jabs as usual, and Vivek tells Cash (who has newly joined the midnight class) to sit in Zoey's seat.

All three of Zoey's love interests are now sitting together because that's not awkward at all! In the meantime, kill Cash, marry Aaron, and bang Luca is Nomi's advice. Nomi says Luca is the only one who Zoey hasn't said anything bad about. She has never had to change herself for him and that they have a special relationship that differs from her dynamic with the other two boys. It seems like Zoey is beginning to choose him until one of the twins mentions that Zoey could be in an unmarried relationship with a painter who may or may not have the most stable life. Nomi shrugs and tells Zoey she'll scoop him up if she doesn't want him (jokingly of course).

Zoey's choice

Dean Parker has stuck around in class to see if Professor Telphy is actually teaching anything after catching him binge watching Narcos during class.

Vivek tries to help Telphy spin the binge-watching into an actual lesson on marketing. Cash then asks both Aaron and Luca about whether or not Zoey has mentioned anything about him reuniting with her, and they both tell him no. Aaron and Luca seemingly argue over cocaine (which in this case is a metaphor for Zoey), and about whether to fight for her vs. whether or not she should choose on her own. Cash begins to realize that both guys are also vying for her attention. Dean believes that the class is going great somehow, and Telphy's job looks to be saved.

Zoey is still no closer to picking a guy, and the twins tell Zoey that Cash says he'll forgo the NBA for her if she asked him to, but Ana reminds them that they've been down this road before and it ended poorly.

The girls end up arguing about which guy they want Zoey to be with while she slowly sneaks off from the group, who doesn't even notice that she's left. She begins to walk around on campus while narrating that college is about finding yourself and figuring out what type of person you want to grow into. Zoey says that regardless of who she chooses, that journey of evolution, the choice became clear for her. She knocks on a door...and it's Luca! We flashback, Zoey tells both Cash and Aaron she's not interested in them. She spots the painting, and he admits he hasn't been able to get her out of his head. She responds by kissing him and entering his room.

In the end

Parker and Telphy talk in his office about extending his teaching contract with the university (although it seems like Telphy was talking about some drug operation?).

Before Parker can snatch away his contract, Telphy signs it. Looks like he's stuck with him for at least another term!

The Week states that "grown-ish" has been one of the best sitcoms to come out so far this year due to the fact that it's catering to younger audiences (a trend that seems to be becoming popular with recent debuts of series such as Everything Sucks and On My Block) and providing fresh entertainment through young eyes. "Grown-ish" has been both fresh and entertaining, and if it focuses on other campus hot topics and develops the supporting cast some more next year, it will excel.