On Tuesday night, the hit show "Roseanne" made its return to television for the first time in nearly 20 years, continuing with the same cast and reviving the program for the old and new generation. After the ratings were revealed and proved to be a big success, Donald Trump Jr. decided to take to Twitter.

Donald Jr. on Roseanne

In recent years, nostalgia has become a hit topic in the world of entertainment.

From the popular horror film "It" and Netflix TV show "Stranger Things" taking place in the 1980s, to recent TV show revivals like "Fuller House" and "Will and Grace," memories of days gone by have created an wide audience. When the news of a "Roseanne" return was announced, many on the political left called for a boycott due to the show's star and creator, Roseanne Barr, being a supporter of Donald Trump both on and off the camera. With liberal backlash growing, many were caught off guard by the program's ratings.

Following the return of "Roseanne," the program gained 18.1 million viewers, blowing away expectations both in the ratings and with critics who gave the show rave reviews.

The news was met with disgust by many on the left who expressed their disdain for Roseanne for vocally supporting Donald Trump. In a tweet sent out on March 28, the president's son decided to give the show a shout-out. "Wow amazing. Congrats Roseanne," The younger Trump tweeted. "If you’re not too busy already maybe work in a late night show too...seems there’s some demand for an alternate viewpoint," added, while misspelling his hashtag "Rosanne."

Instant backlash

After sending out his tweet to Roseanne, Donald Trump Jr.

was met with an onslaught of criticism. "Jr, go back to your hole, no one is listening to you. You are as dumb as your Father Mr. Spanky," one tweet read.

"We know she can sing too.

Maybe form a two woman band with Aubrey O'Day?" a Twitter user wrote with sarcasm. "Don Jr, We understand you're single. What are the chances of a Sarah Huckabee-Trump one day? Asking for a Shrek, I mean friend," another tweet wondered.

"Leave it to a Trump to be obsessed with ratings numbers," a social media user wrote.

"Excuse me, are you trying to flirt? Because your married!!!! Oh wait....Vanessa Trump is leaving you," a tweet noted. "Hey Donny jr! Did you watch the show? It was a good cross blend of ideas and opinions! With NO attacks! Maybe you should check it out! It wasn't a TRUMP FEST. As you would hope," yet another tweet added.