“Floribama Shore” Season 2 is coming. MTV has officially announced that they are bringing back the new hit show for a second season. This is big news for fans of the show, many of whom had been wondering whether the show would continue past its inaugural run. Ahead of the Season 1 finale on Monday night (Jan. 8), MTV made the announcement that the show would go on.

A report by MTV states that 20 new episodes of “Floribama Shore” will air this summer. This should give fans a lot to look forward to, especially since the turnaround will be quite fast.

The network was impressed by the viewership numbers during the first season and worked to get the second season underway as quickly as possible.

‘Floribama Shore’ ratings hint at Season 3

A report by Deadline states that the show is averaging a 1.43 rating per episode and has been a huge draw for viewers aged 18-34. That’s a key demographic for advertisers, leading to a lot of cross-promotion by the network in order to increase interest. It has worked, as MTV has seen two consecutive quarters of viewership growth as a result. That might just indicate that “Floribama Shore” Season 3 won’t be too far down the road.

Season finale episode

Following a new episode of “Teen Mom OG” on Monday night, the “Floribama Shore” season finale will air on MTV.

It’s just the eighth episode of the quick season, but it could pack a number of dramatic moments for viewers. The cast has invited their parents to visit the house, which should provide for some really good TV. The housemates will also be reflecting on what has taken place during the first season and likely provide some foreshadowing for Season 2.

Viewers should expect a lot of humor and clips to dominate the second half of the episode.

What will Season 2 entail?

There aren't a lot of confirmed facts about "Floribama Shore" Season 2, other than the revelation that they are going to roll out 20 new episodes. That will give a lot of time for viewers to enjoy antics in the house, on the beach, and likely, between the sheets.

A date for the season premiere hasn't been revealed either, but as soon as MTV figures out its summer schedule, there will likely be a lot of promotion for the upcoming season. Until then, fans can check out past episodes on the MTV site. Season 1, Episode 7 is also on there to re-watch.

Don't forget to pay attention during the commercial breaks during the "Floribama Shore" season finale, because there is also going to be a special announcement coming from the cast of "Jersey Shore."