Earlier today, March 31, fans of the original" Bill And Ted" films learned that Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter are getting closer to getting "Bill and Ted 3" off the ground. Rumors of a third film have been going on for years now, but it looks like it’s only a short time before production starts.

Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter have been keeping in touch with each other over the years. They last worked together on Alex Winter’s 2015 documentary “Deep Web.” Reeves narrated the documentary. Creators, Ed Solomon and Chris Matheson, previously approached the pair in 2007 about bringing back the beloved characters.

'Bill and Ted' creators looking for financial support

According to Screen Rant, Solomon and Matheson have been seeking financial support to help launch Bill and Ted 3, which has been titled “Bill and Ted Face the Music.” Over the years the film creators have thrown out ideas to fans and are working hard at making a film that can stand up to the Bill and Ted franchise.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Solomon said that they are hoping to close a financial deal very soon. Matheson and Solomon have also hired a director and also filled some of the cast and producers. Alex Winter later said that Dean Parisot is a director they love and his work on “Galaxy Quest,” is a masterpiece. According to Solomon, the creative team has been talking and have never been closer to the reality of a third film.

They are hoping to have some more solid news within the next month.

'Bill and Ted' bringing back some of the original cast

Most of the cast has been left unnamed. However, it’s been revealed that Bill Sadler will return as Death. Solomon also said that there will be a few cameos sprinkled throughout the film. Steven Soderbergh has been named as one of the producers, along with returning producer Scott Kroopf.

The creators are excited to get "Bill and Ted 3" made, but some of the studios are struggling to figure out what to do with the oddball comedy film. However, Matheson said that it was a good thing because the new film has the same feel as the first two.

Alex Winter has explained the process they have been going through in order to make this film a reality.

Winter has been speaking to different studios, but they end up saying what the hell is this? Winter says he’s glad this film feels like the original.

The creators said that the third film will be about Bill and Ted rediscovering themselves. Solomon said that the film is not a stale knockoff and is a fresh film. Reeves told EW that he loves the characters and who they are. He said they now must make a third one.