"Days Of Our Lives" spoilers reveal that Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn) is growing more and more worried about his wife, Abigail Deveraux-DiMera (Marci Miller) by the day. Abby's strange behavior will soon be a cause of major concern for Chad, who often worries about his wife's mental state. This time, Chad will be so worried about his wife that he'll seek some guidance from someone who has been a very important person in his life, Kate Roberts (Lauren Koslow).

Chad will be worried about his wife's health

As many "Days of our Lives" viewers already know, Kate has been the only real mother figure Chad has ever had in his life, and he often seeks her out for advice and solace.

Now that Abigail has Chad worried it seems he'll turn to Kate yet again. It's unclear what Kate's advice will be about Abby's strange behavior, but it seems that Chad will be worried that his wife could have something wrong with her medically. "DOOL" fans have been watching as Abby can't account for big chunks of time, events, and conversations that she's been having with others. Abigail's memory loss will also become a cause of concern for her as well. However, it will be Chad that really bears the weight of Abby's issues due to the fact that he is constantly worried about her mental health.

"Days of our Lives" fans have been watching as Abigail has developed a split personality disorder.

In fact, Abby currently has two alter-egos, one of whom believes that she's Gabi Hernandez (Camilla Banus) and another that believes she is a psychiatrist named Dr. Laura. Dr. Laura is said to be the "gatekeeper" due to the fact that she fully understands that Abigail has a split personality disorder, and she knows why the mental illness is rearing its ugly head.

Abigail's mental health is always a concern

Currently, Chad DiMera has no idea that Abigail's mental illness has progressed into a personality disorder. However, he'll likely be shocked when he finally finds out that not only does Abby have two alter-egos, but that she is also responsible for killing his very own brother, Andre DiMera (Thaao Penghlis), a crime that Chad has been trying to prove was committed by his other brother, Stefan (Tyler Christopher).

"Days of our Lives" viewers can expect to see a full range of emotions when Chad finds out that Abigail has gone off the deep end again, and that he'll have to figure out how to get her better, as well as protect her from being convicted of Andre's murder.

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