Shonda Rhimes doesn't fail to deliver another action-packed episode filled with all the usual suspects: intrigue, romance, drama, and a sprinkling of medicine. Though I have to say this episode is a little less heavy on the emotional level (i.e. I wasn't a bawling mess liked I was with "Personal Jesus"), but it was still "Grey's Anatomy" as we've come to know and love it (I can't believe we've spent a cumulative total of eight entire, 24-hour days of our lives watching it from episode one). Unlike some of the more recent episodes, this one didn't have much of a focus on any one character, with a sprinkling of plot lines from many of our old and new favorites.

Meredith is still knee deep in her project, and was quickly tossed from an unbelievable high to a startling crash, as her mother's past comes back to haunt her. Karev makes a controversial suggestion to a patient, that ultimately pays off, and the thing that we've all been waiting (or dreading) for finally happened.

Bad news for Japril

For all the #Japril fans out there rooting for a reunion (me included), it seems we have to keep on holding on to those last shreds of hope. Because (SPOILERS) it finally happened. What Rhimes has been hinting at this whole season. While we were waiting for the Japril comeback, Jaggie snuck up to bite us. Now I won't go too crazy, I'm sure there are some Team Jaggies out there somewhere, but I for one can't say I was whooping for joy this episode.

Nevertheless, I'll be eager to see how they're going to deal with their interesting situation, and just how much crazier April is going to get.

As for the others

It might be looking up for Amelia and Hunt... Not much to say based on the episode (the scene in question was literally less than a minute long), but let's just say there is room for a rekindling.

Two of the new residents also made some progress with their relationship status, but if I'm being totally honest I don't quite remember their names. I'm still in that warming up stage for the new residents, I've got to admit.

I got to say, although an enjoyable episode it's not one of the best.

Other than April giving game-night have a whole other meaning, and the inadvertent creation of Jaggie, it wasn't too eventful. Though definitely still worth a watch (I mean at this point we've watched 306 episodes so what's one more), I suspect the next episode will be a bit more Grey-centric, or possibly an April episode, though we just had the "Personal Jesus" one a few weeks ago, so it's all in the cards.