Twitch is planning to stream all 856 episodes of “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood,” for free on their streaming platform. Sadly, Fred Rogers passed away in 2003 at the age of 74. If he were still around with us, he would be 90 years old on Tuesday. This marathon of America’s most beloved children’s program is in honor of him as well as the 50th anniversary of the show.

Twitch released a statement saying they are starting with the most popular episodes of “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” followed by all 856 episodes. You can watch the stream at the Mister Rogers Neighborhood Twitch channel.

Twitch streaming episodes you might not have seen

Twitch has also said the marathon will include some episodes that only aired once or are unavailable anywhere else online. This is the second time Twitch has partnered with PBS for a Mister Rogers marathon. In 2017, Twitch hosted a marathon which drew in millions of viewers and raised more than $42,145 for PBS funding. This new marathon will not be for charity but just a tribute to one of America’s greatest TV personalities.

Like their previous marathon, Twitch is encouraging viewers to share their best moments involving Mister Rogers and his show. Viewers can call in at 681-443-7330 and leave a voicemail with those memories. Twitch may even share the best calls in between episodes.

Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood first impacted the world in 1968, when Mr. Rogers was 40 years old. The series educated children about the real world through a fantasy setting and interacting with celebrities. However, the show was truly defined by Fred Rogers. Without him, the show would not have exploded like it did. Rogers was beloved for his wholesome personality and love for helping children of all ages.

The emcee of the stream will be Futuremangaming and will offer insight and words of wisdom, as they travel back in time and forward in time. Confirmed co-streamers include Imperialgrrl, Jovian, Lowco, and Trihex. It’s definite that other channels will join in as hosts.

Twitch is allowing other streamers to stream the 856-episode marathon on their own channel. Twitch has said all that streamers need to do is set their game to Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood and start capturing the broadcast. The estimated 11-day marathon begins March 20, at 1 p.m. EST and will run until all 856 episodes are wrapped up.

Twitch has become known for hosting marathons of many beloved shows. In 2015, they ran a marathon of Bob Ross’ “The Joy of Painting.” They recently concluded a marathon of Saban’s “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers,” which drew in almost 13 million viewers.