Kyle Richards has always been in love with her home in Beverly Hills and fans have seen her gush about her cute country-style home in the hills. For years, her husband Mauricio tried to get her to move, but Kyle never wanted to leave her home. Then, she found a brand new home and fans were briefly introduced to the home on this week's episode of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." For a few days, Kyle contemplated whether to buy this new home and relocate her family, but it sounds like this was worth it to her, as she gained more land and more space.

But there is a catch with her new home. Apparently, she didn't realize that she was moving closer to nature. On Twitter, "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star revealed that she had been told by a worker on her property that they had spotted a Mountain Lion much bigger than her dog. Of course, this scared her and she quickly reached out on Twitter, asking people how to possibly get a mountain lion removed. According to a new tweet, Kyle Richards is now facing some heat, as the discussion quickly went from safely removing a threat to her family to downright killing the animal.

Simply asking for safety

On Twitter, Kyle Richards was simply asking for help and assistance when it came to removing the mountain lion.

She did point out that the person had spotted the mountain lion on her property, which means it could have breached a fence somewhere. Surely, Kyle wants to protect her dogs and even her children, as one can imagine her kids enjoy spending time on their property.

Many would argue that Kyle did the right thing in asking people for help.

As she points out, she wasn't able to find someone who could help her possibly remove the animal to a safer location. As she explains, she didn't ask how it could be killed.

Mountain lion has priority over people?

But some people pointed out that Kyle Richards shouldn't be asking how to remove a mountain lion from its natural habitat when humans are building homes in the mountains.

As Richards points out, she's doing to do what she needs to protect her family and while she agrees that the animal shouldn't be killed, she also revealed that she's going to do whatever to protect her family. Not everyone agreed with this opinion.

What do you think about Kyle Richards' tweet about the mountain lion? Do you agree with her that it is right to have it removed from her property, or do you agree with some people that she should accept her new reality?