In the age of social media, people often post things that they regret later on. For Fox News contributor and internet personality Tomi Lahren, that regret appears to have arrived.

Tomi and her dog

Not long after Donald Trump launched his campaign for president back in the summer of 2015, those who decided to support him became vocal across social media. Some even found themselves going viral and getting picked up by right-wing news outlets to show their support for the former host of "The Apprentice" and conservative politics. Enter Tomi Lahren, the former contributor to "The Blaze TV" recently got hired by Fox News, and has been one of Trump's strongest supporters.

Like the president, Lahren has found herself in controversy from time to time, leading to the most recent complaint stemming from an Instagram video she posted during the week.

In an Instagram story posted on Wednesday, Tomi Lahren took a video of her dog Kota, complaining about her pet's recent behavior while admitting she had to kick the animal multiple times. "Why don’t you tell the world what you were doing during my entire ‘Fox & Friends'?" Lahren said to Kota. "Oh I know, chewing on her damn bone as loud as she possibly could," she complained, while adding, "So I had to kick her about five times during the show." As reported by The Hill on March 15, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has responded to Lahren's comments, referring to her as a "heartless person."

Lahren responds to PETA

After the news of PETA's objections made the rounds, Tomi Lahren spoke to TMZ and attempted to backtrack, claiming she was only joking around about kicking her dog.

"I think people are pretty logical and they understand it was a joke," she said.

Twitter reaction

After the news broke of Tomi Lahren's dog video, critics took time to hit back. "As if we needed another reason to hate her more," a tweet read.

"There is no basement to her self-debasement," a Twitter user wrote.

"I wish someone would simply put duct tape on that mouth of hers," yet another tweet added. "When will her s*x tape be leaked?!?!" a tweet wondered. "I’d volunteer to assist karma in returning the favor to her. Not even a rat should be forced to live with that walking outhouse," a social media user stated about Tomi Lahren and her alleged actions.

"She’s horrible and I cannot believe anyone still seriously listens to her," a follow-up tweet noted. "She and Rob Porter would be a perfect match," yet another tweet stated.