70-year-old Arnold Schwarzenegger had been to the Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles for replacement of a catheter valve, but there were complications and the medical team decided to carry out open-heart surgery. According to his spokesman Daniel Ketchell, a pulmonic valve had been replaced in 1997 due to some problems has now been replaced again.

USA Today reports that his condition after the emergency measure is stable and he is recovering from the surgery. This was the fourth cardiac surgery for the Hollywood actor, and two of these were intentional.

On an earlier occasion in 1997, he had to get one of the valves replaced to take care of a congenital condition.

His checkered career

Arnold Schwarzenegger is from Austria and used to be a bodybuilder. He rose to stardom in Hollywood via “The Terminator” series of sci-fi movies and was elected governor of California as a Republican in 2003 to 2010. After Donald Trump became president, Arnold took over the NBC's reality show “The New Celebrity Apprentice” from Trump who was the previous host.

CNBC adds that the bodybuilder has to his credit five Mr. Universe titles and seven Mr. Olympia titles. He got a big break in 1982 through “Conan the Barbarian” and his films have grossed billions but most of his wealth came from real estate.

He had an eye for opportunities and entered this arena in 1970 when he invested his earnings from bodybuilding into this area. It turned out to be a profitable venture. His open-heart surgery could be a temporary setback to his plans.

He has done a lot for protection of the environment and met French President Emmanuel Macron in Paris to discuss the 2015 accord on climate change designed to reduce greenhouse gases and combat global warming.

France has bestowed upon him the Chevalier de la Legion honor last year for his activities related to the environment as reported by BBC.

Some of his memorable movies

Most of the memorable movies of Arnold Schwarzenegger are based on sci-fi storylines. Movies of this genre appeal to the audience who love the larger-than-life characters and the action-filled scenes.

It also allows the creative teams of the movie to experiment so that the final product becomes a hit at the box office. This was especially true during the 1990s which saw the emergence of a new style of moviemaking in Hollywood.

Some of Arnold’s movies are “Conan the Barbarian” in 1982, “The Terminator” in 1984, followed by “Commando” in 1985, “Predator” in 1987, “Total Recall” in 1990, “Terminator 2 – Judgement Day” in 1991, and “Terminator Genisys” in 2015.

He is right now in hospital after the open-heart surgery and his fans wish him a speedy recovery.