As the U.S. plans to exit the Paris climate deal, President Trump announced that he was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris. But the people are not in support of his decision.

The residents of Pittsburgh have taken to the streets to express their support for efforts to curb greenhouse gas emissions and complained that the president, picking out this city of three-thousand, still had an ancient view of the city.

Pittsburgh is now a hub for technology

The industries that once depicted the city as a smoking chimney had all gone extinct over the years and Pittsburgh has become a center for technology, renewable energy generation, advanced learning and health resources.

In fact, recently it has diverted its resources towards curbing carbon emissions.

As Trump’s decision undergoes scrutiny, Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto has reconfirmed his unalloyed loyalty to the 2015 Paris Pact and referred to the president’s action as irresponsible. The city voted heavily for Hillary Clinton in the last elections, giving her 17 percent more vote than Trump.

Isabella Sigado, a student at the Pittsburgh University said the city had a history of pollution due to industrialization, but they have put in measures to reduce the rate of carbon emissions. She said the city is becoming eco-friendly.

Trump is at loggerhead with the citizens of Pittsburgh

Trump, she added is viewing the city through the eyes of the past thereby dragging them backward.

Another resident, Raphael Angeli said Trump’s move puts him at loggerhead with his fellow countrymen and the world at large.

Raphael Angeli, a 29-year-old digital communications manager said he thinks Pittsburgh understands the gravity of this problem. Over 200 nations have endorsed the climate accord. About 90 mayors said on Thursday that they will maintain its target.

The Mayor of Pittsburgh issued an order on Friday pledging the city to the agreement by putting efforts to extricate landfill practices, thereby cutting down energy usage and developing a green city.

Peduto reiterated that the fight to reduce the rate of carbon emission will keep the planet safe for future generations. He said the president’s decision has made the United States more unsafe.

We have established our economy on our citizens and the future he added.

On Friday, Paris Mayor disapproved the president’s decision to exit the climate agreement. She said Trump is an archaic president and is unaware of the present happening.