Arie Luyendyk Jr. realized he had made a big mistake during the finale of "The Bachelor." Even though he had proposed to Becca and tried to make the relationship work for about a month and a half, he couldn't get Lauren out of his mind. He admitted that his feelings hadn't gone away and he told Becca that he needed to pursue things with Lauren during the finale of "Bachelor." Sadly, Becca was devastated as she didn't see this coming. Lauren, on the other hand, didn't have too many questions about his mistake and she eagerly took him back.

Now, some of the ladies who filmed the show with Arie are speaking out about his decision.

While he followed his heart, some people believe that he may have made a mistake in breaking up with Becca on live television. Now, the other Bekah of the season, Bekah Martinez, is speaking out about the outcome of the finale. According to a new report, Arie Luyendyk Jr. won't stay with Lauren for long. Bekah is convinced that Arie will cheat on her because he has a hard time staying loyal to one woman at a time.

Not being loyal

It's interesting that Bekah is questioning whether he can stay loyal and faithful to Lauren. In an interview with "Access Hollywood," Bekah reveals that Arie will certainly cheat on Lauren and pointed out that she believed this to be true without a doubt. She also pointed out that she couldn't speak for Lauren, but she thinks that Arie will have some trouble only being with one woman.

She also explained that his maturity wasn't on the same level as Lauren.

It's interesting that this is her opinion of Arie, as he tried to find a wife a few years ago on "The Bachelorette." Emily Maynard didn't pick him and she didn't regret her decision. Maybe he sends a signal to women that they are not the only ones in his life.

Bekah points out that he's impulsive and doesn't think before he acts, which is why she thinks he will cheat. Maybe she felt that she saw this behavior during the finale as he switched to Lauren after dumping Becca.

Lauren was excited about the proposal

When Arie was asked whether he was over Becca, he told Lauren he was 1000% over Becca even though they had been engaged just a few days prior.

Lauren joked that she still wanted the relationship to work and she asked him to please propose soon. He proposed to her on "After The Final Rose," which didn't sit well with fans. While he's happy with his decisions, viewers want this season to end.

What do you think about Arie Luyendyk Jr. already been labeled as someone who will cheat on Lauren?