Dorit Kemsley is currently on her second season of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" and it sounds like she's slowly recovering from a tough first season. After the so-called panty-gate last season, Dorit wants to move forward with her life and just focus on her friendships with Kyle Richards, lisa vanderpump and the other ladies from the show. However, Dorit tends to talk a lot while filming "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" and her big mouth has gotten her into trouble with her friends. As fans saw on this week's episode of the show, Dorit is essentially begging Lisa Vanderpump to give her a second chance after she was caught speaking negatively about her behind her back.

According to a new Instagram post, Dorit Kemsley is giving a shout-out to her husband after this week's episode of the show. It's interesting that she's not giving Lisa a shout-out, considering she had hurt Lisa's feelings while filming the show. Right now, the friendship appears to be in trouble as Lisa admitted that she felt that they had hit a rough patch.

Troubled friendship

On the show, Vanderpump revealed that she was trying to stay loyal to Dorit because of her friendship with PK. It's no secret that Lisa and PK were friends first, and then Dorit came into the picture when she was offered a spot on the show. For Lisa to put her friendship with PK first makes sense if she cherishes that friendship.

While Dorit claimed she was hurt over the comment, she should know that Lisa would put her second.

It sounds like Dorit Kemsley has the support of her husband in the drama that continues to affect her. She doesn't feel she can trust her friends as much anymore, which could be why she's leaning on her husband more these days.

Viewers have opinions about her

Viewers tend to have differing opinions about Dorit. While some people enjoy seeing her on the show because she's causing drama with the ladies, others are growing tired of her because she tends to get into trouble. Perhaps no one thought she would risk her friendship with Lisa Vanderpump as she seems to be very thankful for it.

But when she decided to call Lisa jealous of her friendship with Kyle, things changed in their friendship. Some viewers feel that it is a big betrayal, as she wasn't being honest with Lisa about their situation.

What do you think about Dorit Kemsley's post about her husband? Do you think she's trying to send a signal about her friendship with Lisa Vanderpump?