Jenelle Evans is currently keeping a low profile on social media, as she went through some drama with MTV and the network decided to take action. Jenelle, who has been actively tweeting things on social media for years, may not have thought that there were any consequences for her actions. The "Teen Mom 2" star always fought with her fans and followers when they attacked her for being a bad mother, being a bad friend, and being a bad daughter. However, Evans is now learning that there are consequences to the content that's tweeted out. Her husband was recently fired from MTV for sharing harsh views and comments about transgendered parents.

According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans is now revealing that fans should ask her about rumors rather than just assume that they are true. She explains that people read the false news and fake articles and they tend to believe them after reading them so often. Jenelle revealed on Twitter that she wishes people would just ask her about the rumors. She recently did an interview where she answered every questioned asked.

MTV taking firm action

It's clear that MTV is taking action against things that they don't agree with. When David Eason went on a Twitter rant recently, MTV acted quickly to end his contract with the network. They didn't want to film with Eason because of his extreme views. They ended his contract, but they didn't talk about Jenelle Evans' role with the show.

Evans' role with the show is currently up in the air. MTV hasn't said whether they are letting her go, but fans are starting to speak out to share their thoughts about her role and her recent behavior. Some people are disappointed in her for not speaking out against her husband, while others believe that he has every right to speak his mind about his views.

Fans losing interest

Fans are starting to lose interest in seeing Jenelle's drama because they know that when she's on the show, she's getting paid. Given her husband's recent behavior, some people don't believe that she should be filming the show and getting so much money. A Petition has started where viewers are asking MTV to remove her from the show.

The petition has gathered 10,000 signatures out of the required 15,000. It will be interesting to see if they can get MTV to reconsider her role on the show.

What do you think of Jenelle Evans' role on "Teen Mom 2?" Do you think that the producers should take the petition seriously?