Battle lines will be drawn this week on "General Hospital" with numerous Port Charles relationships being tested. Spoiler alerts indicate that Carly will try to help Sonny with Mike, even as she is frustrated that Nelle is moving into the Quartermaine mansion. Celeb Dirty Laundry says that Liz will be pondering the fact that Sam admitted she loves Jason while Drew ends up saving Franco from Jim. Finn will test Julian's patience by bringing his pet lizard to Charlie's and the good doctor will take a swing at the mobster and end up in jail. Lulu is going to continue trying to make amends with her former BFF but it will backfire and she will find herself on the receiving end of a restraining order.

Finn and Lulu each get a shock

Port Charles is filled with secrets and one of them is that Hamilton Finn went to bed with Julian's ex-wife Alexis. This is why hanging out at the mobster's bar should be off limits. This week, however, according to spoilers Finn will take his pet lizard Roxy into Charley's bar and restaurant. Julian will refuse service to the good doctor and end up receiving a sucker punch. The police will be called and Dr. Finn will be carted off to jail.

Lulu has been distraught since Maxie accused her of murdering Nathan. She cannot accept that her former best friend blames her and wants nothing more to do with her. Rather than give the young widow time to grieve Lulu continues trying to reach out and touch her once BFF.

Celeb Dirty Laundry indicates that like Finn, Lulu will get a shock this week because Maxie is going to have her served with a restraining order, indicating she simply does not want to be bothered.

Carly has double trouble in Port Charles

Carly and Sonny have invited Mike to remain in Port Charles and live with them so they can help him deal with Alzheimer's disease.

Spoilers say she will be distracted because Nelle is moving into the Quartermaine mansion. This will cause Michael's baby mama to believe she has the upper hand and has won. Longtime "General Hospital" fans know however that Carly is not one to back down. She will fight tooth and nail to protect her loved ones.

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Finn and Lulu should bounce back from their setbacks due to the actions of Maxie, and Julian. Continue watching for spoiler find out in advance what will be happening each day in Port Charles.