Abby Lee Miller talked about her fear of going to prison after pleading guilty to concealing bankruptcy assets. Now that she has been there a couple of weeks serving time on her year and a day sentence, she is still afraid. Going to prison is a transition for anyone, and it has been no different for the former "Dance Moms" reality star. So, how is life for her since she has been in prison?

In prison

Miller began her sentence at the Victorville Federal Correctional Institution in Victorville, California on July 12, 2017. Reports have been coming in from a former inmate named Holli Coulman who still keeps in contact with those who are still incarcerated.

Coulman said the Inmates there reported that Miller is a mess behind bars and is having a hard time coping. She is quiet and most of the time she keeps to herself. She has been heard crying.

It was once reported that Miller would not be assigned a job until her orientation period was over after thirty days. However, it has been said that she has already been assigned the job of cleaning toilets until she gets her regular assignment, which could still be cleaning toilets. This is seen as the most demeaning position and a way to break Miller so the other inmates won't think she is getting special treatment just because she is a celebrity. She gets only 12 cents an hour for her job, and there is no chance that the pay will change the entire year she is there.

During her free time, Miller sits on her bunk and reads romance novels. Once she gets more adjusted to prison life, sources say she could teach dance classes to give her something to do as well as establish a relationship with her inmates.

Main fear

Miller's main fear is being assaulted in prison. That's why she is keeping a low profile and trying not to get into trouble with the inmates or the guards.

On a two-hour Lifetime special, "Abby Tells All," that was filmed in June, the 50-year-old reality star admitted that she was petrified.

Abby expects her life to change tremendously while in jail. Just before she started her prison sentence, she underwent gastric sleeve surgery. She was concerned about what she could eat in prison, but so far she has been allowed to get fresh fruits and vegetables like the other prisoners who don't eat meat.

Before she arrived, the guards and inmates had seen her performance on "Dance Moms." They thought Miller was rude, loud, and obnoxious on the reality show she hosted for six years. Some of them haven't changed their opinion about her.