Midseason premieres don't always receive the same attention as fall premieres. Last Sunday saw the return of the recently uncanceled series "Timeless" and the premiere of ABC magician crime drama "Deception." Next Sunday will see the premiere of the new CBS series "Instinct" staring Alan Cumming. The two new crime dramas have already been compared to popular drama "Castle," while embracing the quirkiness and often ridiculous plots seen in favorites like "Psych," "Monk," and "White Collar."

"Timeless" revolves around history professor Lucy Preston (Abigail Spencer) who teams up with scientist Rufus (Malcolm Bennett) and soldier Wyatt (Matt Lanter) to travel through the past to prevent Garcia Flynn (Goran Visnjic) from altering history.

Season 2 begins with a literal bang as the team's headquarters is blown up, sending the team underground while Lucy was whisked away to the past by her mother (Susanna Thompson) who was recently revealed to be a member of Rittenhouse. The premiere ended by setting up the big bad for the season by revealing that Rittenhouse placed Sleeper agents throughout history.

Goran Visnjic shared with IGN that Flynn told Lucy from the beginning that they'd end up working together, and by the looks of the upcoming episodes, this will come true. The actor teased an interesting dynamic between Flynn and Lucy, but cautioned that that doesn't mean Flynn is trustworthy. Though Flynn is in prison at the start, Visnjic teased that this won't last long by sharing his excitement for the upcoming episode that takes the team back to the Salem Witch Trials in what will be Flynn's first time out with the team.

NBC has released descriptions for upcoming episodes which are expected to be as exciting and twisty as the first season. In episode 2 "The Darlington 500" the team will make their way back to the stock car race of the 1950's where Wyatt discovers a shocking truth about his favorite race car driver: he's a sleeper agent for Rittenhouse.

The team will turn to Wendell Scott, the first African-American NASCAR driver for help.

In episode 3 "Hollywoodland" the team go to 1941 to chase after a sleeper agent that has stolen the only copy of the famous film "Citizen Kane." In order to retrieve the film, they seek the aid of actress Hedy Lamarr whose discoveries led to the creation of Wi-Fi.

In episode 4 "The Salem Witch Hunt" Wyatt sneaks away from the bunker to deal with a shocking truth, leaving Rufus and Lucy to team up with Flynn to go to the Salem Witch Trials to prevent the execution of Benjiamin Franklin's mother. The hour also finds Lucy accused of witchcraft.

'Deception' tackles illusion and crime

New series "Deception" stars Jack Cutmore-Scott as Magician Cameron Black. The premiere has the shocking reveal that Cameron has a twin brother named Jonathan who has been working in the shadows of their career since they were children. When Jonathan is accused of a murder he didn't commit and arrested, Cameron races to find the Illusionist that set him up. In his search he uses his magical knowledge to help FBI agent Kay Daniels (Ilfenesh Hadera) solve crimes.

Cutmore-Scott shared with EW a breakdown of the two brothers, describing Cameron as the impulsive front-man while Jonathan is more of the quiet thinker with an analytical mind. Despite being in prison, Jonathan will have a large presence throughout the season as Cameron will turn to his brother for advice and emotional support. The effects of their long-time stint pretending to be one person in the public eye will be explored.

ABC has released descriptions for the next three episodes. In episode 2 "Forced Perspective" Cameron and Kay will land a case that has tourists taking part in a reality show without realizing it. In episode 3 "Escapology" an art museum docent is held hostage with the only way to save her being Cameron's expertise on escapology.

Episode 4 "Divination" will find Kay and Cameron investigating the murder of a psychic and will turn to her partner to take down an international arms dealer.

CBS series 'Instinct' is a crime drama with a twist

"Instinct" revolves around ex-CIA operative and author Dylan Reinhart (played by Alan Cumming) who is pulled back into his former lifestyle when NYPD detective Lizzie Needham (Bojana Novakovic) asks for his help catching a serial killer. This isn't a typical crime drama for the network. Novakovic teased to TV Guide that Dylan and Lizzie aren't a pairing that has been seen before, which finds an eccentric behavior specialist teaming up with a cop. She explained that what makes this new series so different is that it doesn't have the typical sexual tension that most crime dramas have.

There is no will they-won't they element between the two as Reinhart is already married and gay. Their connection is emotional and intellectual with their chemistry based in friendship.

In episode 2 "Wild Game" Dylan attempts to return to teaching, but is quickly brought back to help Lizzie by profiling sociopaths in a case where a venture capitalist is murdered, with the body ritualistically staged. In episode 3 "Secret and Lies" Dylan and Lizzie investigate the murder of a young man that has left his family's religious community. Suspects include a short-tempered photographer and a mysterious girl with amnesia. Elsewhere in the episode, Lizzie receives a surprise visit from her sister.

"Instinct" will premiere on CBS on March 18.