Amber Portwood is currently watching a more positive season of herself on "Teen Mom OG," as she's busy planning a nursery for her son James, who is due in May. Just last year, Amber was filming herself trying to ditch a wedding proposal from Matt Baier, filming a lie detector test, and her questioning where her money had gone. She was clearly not in a happy relationship with Matt, even though she continuously tried to make it work. The "Teen Mom OG" star met Andrew Glennon shortly after her split with Matt and the two got pregnant within a few months.

Surprisingly, Amber chose to keep the baby even though they had only been dating for three months at a time. Andrew appeared shocked when they found out, but it sounds like he's embracing his role as a father. He's trying so much to build a home with her that he decided to give her a stuffed sloth. Amber called it her spirit animal, as she snuggled with it on Monday's episode of "Teen Mom OG." According to a new tweet, Amber Portwood is now revealing that the giant sloth was a surprise from Andrew. Many fans really wanted to hear where she got it from.

Excited about becoming parents

While filming Monday's episode of "Teen Mom OG," a producer asked Amber whether this time was different for her.

She revealed that she was much more mature now to have a baby and that she had more money to care for the baby. This is Andrew's first baby, but he seems to really enjoy the journey, as they are designing the nursery together. On the show, Amber revealed that they were doing an "around the world" theme for the nursery.

Drama on 'Marriage Bootcamp'

Many people don't feel that she's ready to become a mother. She has only been with Andrew for three months and on "Marriage Bootcamp," Portwood appeared to be uncontrollable. She has recently admitted that she relapsed while filming. She questioned whether Matt Baier was the one for her, even though she claims they were broken up when they filmed.

It was here that she met Andrew Glennon, who reached out to her after filming wrapped. He told her that he had a crush on her and wanted to try to make it work. Now, they are planning a life together. Amber has been accused of getting pregnant with Andrew for money, but the argument doesn't seem to hold up as she could have gotten pregnant with Matt.

What do you think about Amber Portwood's relationship with Andrew? Do you think they are able to work together in the long run for the sake of the baby?