Morgan J. Freeman is one of the producers for "Teen Mom OG," and he has stepped in a few times as Farrah Abraham has given the crew a few troubles. He stepped in a few seasons ago when Abraham threatened to quit the show and he was back to talk to her again on Monday's episode of "Teen Mom OG," as he didn't appreciate the way Farrah was treating her production crew. In addition to the poor treatment, he also brought up the fact that Abraham had returned to the adult entertainment industry, even though she had promised she wouldn't do that kind of work while filming the show.

Over the past couple of weeks, Morgan and MTV haven't said anything in regards to the various reports Farrah is responsible for, including stories that she had been released from the show. She claims that she didn't quit, but rather than she was fired from the show. But there's a reason why Freeman and MTV have stayed silent. After the drama played out with Farrah, they were served with a lawsuit, as Abraham claims she was wrongfully terminated. According to a new tweet, Morgan J. Freeman is now breaking her silence about the firing, but it is as mild as it gets.

Teasing the episode on Twitter

Morgan J. Freeman didn't try to start any drama on Twitter when he shared the tweet this past Monday.

Instead, he merely said that "this happened" referring to the firing of Farrah. It was something that MTV had promoted extensively over the past couple of days, and it was something many viewers had looked forward to.

The episode ended with the message that Farrah Abraham is no longer the show with MTV.

She recently skipped the reunion special in New York, as she preferred to attend an Oscars party instead. It's possible that she may have broken a few contractual obligations, which could work against her in court.

Jenelle Evans to be gone next?

Fans were pleased with the decision to stop the work with Farrah Abraham over her decisions to continue in the adult entertainment industry.

But on his tweet, Morgan J. Freeman got many requests to end the working relationship with Jenelle Evans as well. It's clear that fans are tired of seeing her on television, including after the drama with her husband, David Eason. MTV quickly ceased all work with him after he was caught making defamatory and discriminatory comments about the LGBTQ community.

What do you think about the firing? Do you think Jenelle Evans should be next on the chopping block or do you think Morgan J. Freeman should keep Evans for now?