Leah Messer is usually keeping silent about the drama that occurs with her "Teen Mom 2" co-stars over the past couple of years but she's finally speaking out and letting her thoughts be known. A few weeks ago, Leah went on Kailyn Lowry's podcast and the two decided to discuss their friendship with Jenelle Evans. Jenelle has served both of them with cease and desist letters. However, Leah is never willing to sit back and she's tired of keeping silent when Jenelle is saying things about her. One of the things Jenelle said includes an accusation that Leah cheated on Jeremy Calvert when they were married.

Perhaps Leah is tired of hearing Jenelle's theories about her life and her previous marriages and she's now speaking out about Jenelle's husband. According to a new tweet, Leah Messer has revealed that something has to happen in regards to David Eason. Over the weekend, David decided to share several tweets that were homophobic in nature and fans were outraged. For a while, people had been supportive of Jenelle because she was happy and despite facing some abuse rumors, David had managed to keep himself somewhat neutral in the drama department. However, these homophobic tweets have outraged fans and they're furious that he is getting paid to film a reality show when he's making these kinds of comments.

Well, no longer.

Calls to action

On Twitter, Leah Messer revealed that something had to happen as his behavior was not appropriate. One of things that she hinted was that David needs to leave the show. One person wrote to Kailyn and Leah that while they did enjoy watching the show with these two, she would no longer be watching the show because of David's comments.

Several people have said that they will stop watching the show if David isn't fired because it is not acceptable for him to make these comments and get the big paycheck from MTV that he's getting. MTV listened and fired him late last night.

While Leah Messer didn't say that David needed to be fired, she did reveal that something needed to happen in order for her to feel good about filming the show again.

She said it wasn't surprising that he would make these kinds of comments and it's clear that David isn't as widely accepted by "Teen Mom 2" fans and stars as some of Jenelle's previous ex-boyfriends. It doesn't help that David disabled his Twitter account, but could return to say whatever he wants.

Currently filming with MTV

On Saturday, Jenelle Evans recorded a video podcast where she slammed her fellow "Teen Mom 2" stars for all of the drama that had played out behind the scenes. While filming the podcast, she revealed that MTV was indeed present and they were filming the new season. She also explained that the new season would focus on some of the drama playing out between them behind the scenes.

This was before David learned he had been fired.

It will be interesting to see what happens with the girls as the drama with David continues to heat up. One can imagine that he will boycott the reunion because he doesn't want to be faced with questions from Dr. Drew. If he does choose to go to the reunion special, one can imagine that he will be furious with Leah and Kailyn for helping shut down his Twitter account after his homophobic comments.

What do you think about Jenelle Evans and David Eason after this weekend's drama? Do you think Leah will get blamed for David being fired?