Tyler Baltierra has had a rough couple of months. His wife, Catelynn Lowell, has been in and out of rehab since November. Baltierra has been raising their daughter by himself while she has been getting help. Their relationship has played out on reality television since “16 and Pregnant.” A lot has changed in a decade, and now, even more change is happening.

Weight loss

The last several days have been filled with talks about Tyler Baltierra's weight loss. He has definitely made lifestyle changes, which have been put on display with photos. While he is happy to share his progress, there has been plenty of negativity thrown his way.

Baltierra took to Twitter to answer some of the cruel comments, leaving no room for misunderstanding.

Rumors of relationship issues between Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell have been circulating on social media. In fact, he even got into an argument with former “Teen Mom OG” persona, Simon Saran about a blind item that could have fit this bill. While Baltierra denies there are any issues and says he loves and supports his wife, some of his comments to the people on Twitter didn't jive with that. It was interesting to see Tyler say that only Catelynn was responsible for how she felt. While that is true, it appeared to be less than supportive like some of the other tweets he has posted.

While it was never made clear, it is being said that Catelynn Lowell entered rehab back in November to deal with suicidal thoughts after suffering a miscarriage.

Tyler Baltierra has yet to address the issue. The most recent episode of “Teen Mom OG” showed Lowell telling her husband she was pregnant by getting their daughter a big sister shirt. Fans are confused, and yet, silence.

The future

It is unclear when Tyler Baltierra will get to bring Catelynn Lowell home. The program can run roughly six weeks, but if she needs more care her stay can be extended.

Baltierra has stood behind his wife, dealing with all of the backlash that has come his way with grace. Sharing with the world his accomplishment was something he chose, but the backlash and nasty comments were uncalled for. He shot back and mentioned he wouldn't feel guilty for working on himself while his wife was doing the same thing.

Baltierra made changes, and now, he is happy with the progress.

A new season of "Teen Mom OG" is currently airing on MTV as Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell work through the issue plaguing them both.