Last week's episode of Nashville gave us some devastating insight into Juliette's traumatic childhood, while also focusing on the guys' newly formed band and the Daphne and Jake dynamic. A CMT article also reminds us that Scarlett has started working at an equine therapy ranch. While certain storylines continue from last week, we get a few other ones that are further developed tonight. Let's get started:

Will Deacon and Jessie 'Do the Do'?

Maddie and Daphne talk over popcorn about where Deacon is. "Where do you think?" Daphne asks. Cut to Deacon and Jessie on a date being cute and eating burgers.

Jessie also teaches him how to dance, and they end the date making out in the car. Then Jessie asks Deacon if he "wants to come over." She asks if he has protection, and neither of them does since they haven't been intimate with anyone in quite a long time. Jessie suggests postponing the moment, and they awkwardly agree to do so. The two try to schedule their big night, and they agree to the day after tomorrow. Both of them clearly are nervous about it, but it brings us a hilarious scene involving Deacon buying condoms and dealing with other people's reactions.

Deacon performs at the Bluebird and Scarlett, Jessie, and (an unhappy) Daphne is seated next to her.

Later, Daphne reveals her sleepover is canceled, and Deacon phones Jessie to let her know, adding that their special night is once again postponed...until Daphne comes back and says the sleepover is back on. Night un-postponed! As he gets ready, he sees a picture of Rayna and the girls, and we can clearly see his enthusiasm wane.

At Jessie's place, the two engage in a steamy kiss until they pull away due to some hesitance on Deacon's part and excitement on Jessie's. They engage in more kissing, and as things heat up...Deacon starts to cry. He's humiliated and embarrassed but admits that he thought he was ready, but couldn't.

A Christian Post article foreshadowed that Deacon's past with Rayna would still haunt him, and it does.

It's been eleven months (and can specify weeks and days if he wants), and he's still not truly able to cope. He's trying to be strong for the girls, but he's breaking down. Jessie holds Deacon and comforts him. The topic changes to Deacon and Jessie talking over ice cream. His dad was abusive, and he normalized it as a child and wanted to be with him anyway. It's a nice moment between the two, and they talk to one another as Jessie falls asleep. Afterwards, he wonders aloud if he's somehow going to be broken.

The next morning, Deacon is ready to leave by 6 am, which clearly upsets Jessie. She says she knows that Rayna's a tough act to follow and that she's not going to be able to compete with her.

Deacon tells her that he felt close to her last night and that he doesn't want her to give up on him. Embarrassed and relieved, she hugs him. Daphne gets home early from her sleepover and questions Deacon's whereabouts, but luckily Maddie distracts her with donuts (temporarily I'm sure).

Three Men and a...Lady?

Bucky is trying to schedule concert dates for Avery, Gunnar, and Will. They're definitely in sync...until Gunnar mentions he hates singing the high pitch parts. He suggests bringing a girl into their boy band, and Bucky co-signs the idea.

The boys travel far and wide (within Nashville) to find the perfect womanly addition to their group.

They're discouraged by who they've seen so far until Avery hears a voice from a nearby concert, and it's like fate. Everything just clicks for the guys and they immediately flock to her. She knows who they are, and introduces herself as Alannah. The guys interview her and love what they hear. Gunnar notes that he can really relate to Alannah's childhood stories, and not so smoothly asks if she's single. They offer her the gig, and she accepts! They tell her to come along for a performance tonight, and they're good to go! The band performs, and Alannah helps make the already great band sound even greater. It's a plotline that ends on a strong note (no pun intended).

A Bolivian Adventure?

Avery comes home and comforts Juliette, who told him about what she relived (I'm pleasantly surprised about this because I was worried she'd keep it from him).

She wonders what would've happened if that never did happen to her. Has every choice she ever made been affected by this? Avery asks if that includes the two of them getting together. Juliette avoids the question, and simply states she's trying to figure out her life right now and has a long way to go. Avery simply asks again, "Even us?"

Darius tells Juliette about her life-changing moment, and now it's time for her to "transform and serve." It's an outreach program that involves working with children who experienced Bolivia? Juliette protests that she couldn't possibly do it.

Now what's interesting is that it sounded like Darius initially said it was only a few days. Then he said it was only two weeks (now that could've just been me mishearing it, but if not that's a very odd thing to do). Juliette wonders whether or not she should do it. She talks to Avery about going to Bolivia, and surprising no one, Avery's got questions and Juliette's upset that he does. It leads back to Avery not trusting Darius and Juliette being controlled by him. He says he'll think about it, but she's clearly not happy with his protests.

Juliette tells Avery that she needs a private life while Avery says he'd like to have his own life. He asks if she even needs him and Cadence anymore since she doesn't need saving anymore, and she replies that she's already been saved, referring to Darius.

That night, Juliette apologizes to Avery and says he deserves a normal person but tells him that she needs him more than she needs anyone else in the world. It leads to them making love for the first time in quite a while (maybe the first time this season). Of course, all good things must end. When Avery wakes up, he discovers that Juliette is gone. Where? To Bolivia of course.

The Ex Factor featuring Maddie and Jonah

Daphne and Maddie are shocked when she sees a video of Jonah's ex, Mia, trashing her in her latest song! It's more drama for Madie, and when she sees Jonah calling her, she ignores him. Can anyone blame her at this point? They aren't even a serious couple, but Maddie already in the middle of a mess.

Could she possibly be being used to boost both Jonah and Mia's publicity? They know that tweens and teens (and who am I kidding, adults too) love relationship drama between celebrities after all. Jonah manages to track down Maddie and tries to talk to her. He insists that he and Mia are over. Of course, the paparazzi come through (what a coincidence) and immediately swarm the two. Jonah fights them off while Maddie makes her escape.

Later, Deacon voices his concerns. Maddie admits Jonah's all in one minute and then he disappears on her the next. She likes him, and Deacon warns her not to get lost in her fame filled life.

He doesn't want her to forget who she is and get lost in a man because she's amazing (great advice from Daddy Deacon), but Maddie doesn't want to hear it right now. The next day, Jonah actually comes to the house and has a brief, but awkward convo with Deacon until Maddie comes down. Maddie's skepticism hurts Jonah, and he tells he's constantly anxious and stressed and putting up a facade all for the sake of fame. She can relate, and he wants her to come out with him. She says she has plans, but when he pouts, she changes her mind. Classic manipulation tactic, just saying!

Later at this event, Jonah publicly kisses Maddie, garnering oohs and awws from several fans. This is looking more and more staged by the minute.

Deacon gets back home at the same time as Maddie. They ask each other how their nights went. Maddie says she enjoyed herself, signaling that she's let her guard down with Jonah. Whether or not that's a good thing remains to be seen.

Tonight's Nashville continues to send the plot forward for both Juliette and Deacon's characters while also adding some new layers to The Boyband storyline. The final season of Nashville has been overwhelmingly strong so far, and hopefully, it will continue to be like this for the rest of its run. Catch Nashville every Thursday night at nine on CMT.