Catelynn Lowell is in rehab for the third time right now. The “Teen Mom OG” star has been open about her battle with mental health issues, but not as open about where they stem from. Lowell discussed her battle with postpartum depression after having her daughter, but that is the extent of her honesty. Just five days ago, the reality star tweeted she would be entering rehab for the third time just weeks after leaving her second stint. There have been reports that the camera crew has been following her journey to rehab, but fans are a little confused about it.

The issues

When Catelynn Lowell talked about going back to rehab, she said she was going to work on trauma. While it was clear the postpartum depression was part of that, “Teen Mom OG” fans were wondering what else that entailed. The guessing game began, though no one was really sure of what Lowell would admit to going to treatment for. It has been public knowledge that the adoption of her first daughter, Carly, has weighed heavily on her. The birth of her second daughter, Novalee, has likely opened that door as well. Lowell is able to see everything she missed the first time around, sparking regret and possible guilt.

According to Radar Online, Catelynn Lowell is working on accepting her upbringing, the adoption, and battling suicidal thoughts.

She doesn't feel safe inside her own head. If she doesn't get the help she needs, Lowell is concerned things could be worse. There was admission to thinking of all the ways to end her own life, including using a belt and running her car into an electric pole. These are startling revelations, especially coming from someone like Catelynn who has battled mental illness openly.

Where does Tyler stand?

After a cryptic tweet over the weekend, there has been some talk about where Tyler Baltierra stands with all of this. The source told Radar Online that he is committed to making their marriage work. Baltierra loves Catelynn Lowell and he wants to support her. He needs to be able to vocalize his hurt and pain as well, which may be what he was doing on social media.

Tyler has been left to raise his daughter as a single dad for weeks at a time on three separate occasions. He has had a rough life too, and this may be weighing heavily on him while he remains silent for the most part.

A new seasn of "Teen Mom OG" is currently airing on MTV. This siuation will likely appear on the next season, which will air later in 2018.