"Teen Mom OG" fans are already well aware that Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell have been going through a lot over the last few months. So when the highly anticipated episode did air on Monday night, we got a chance to see Catelynn and Tyler's emotional baby announcement as they shared the news with their family.

Catelynn and Tyler break the news to April

It all started when Catelynn and Tyler showed up to see April, her mother. When April opened her front door, Novalee was standing there with a message on her shirt.It read, "I'm going to be a big sister!" much to the delight of Catelynn's mom.

It was just last week that Catelynn told Tyler the baby news in exactly the same way. Immediately, April starts talking about whether they were having a girl or a boy and when the new baby would be due.

“Are you serious? Really,” she started to get tears in her eyes as April gushed to Catelynn. “I am! I swear to God! Hopefully, it’s a grand-boy,”

It's no secret that Tyler really wants a little boy. However, during the course of the conversation on the "Teen Mom OG" episode, April made it clear that it didn't matter if Catelynn was having a girl or boy...or how many babies she was having.

“I’m happy with whatever it is,” April said. “Could be twins, you could get one of each!”

Catelynn informs her mom that they are having a "summer baby," and that would be true.

Their bundle would have been born at some point during the summer months.

Telling Tyler's dad

Those who follow Catelyn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra on social media already know how this pregnancy ended. That makes the whole scene even more emotional for "Teen Mom OG" fans. The footage certainly has to be hard for both Tyler and Catelynn to sit at home and watch.

When Catelynn and Tyler confronted Tyler's dad with the news, he was pretty excited about Catelynn's pregnancy news too. It seems he also is interested in what the couple would do if their next baby wasn't a boy.

“What if it’s a girl? Are you going to keep trying for a boy? Rock it out, baby," Tyler's dad Butch said.

On the last episode of 'Teen Mom OG'

On the last episode of "Teen Mom OG," Catelynn Lowell told Tyler Baltierra about her pregnancy news. Much like the way they told her mom, Catelynn dressed Novalee in her big sister shirt and let Tyler see his 3-year old daughter wearing it. Tyler was clearly in shock when confronted with the pregnancy news. He even asked Caitlyn how many tests she took, burying his head in his hands after she revealed that she had already tested four times.

Catelyn has been hesitant to further expand their family after suffering from postpartum depression so severely after Novalee's birth. Lowell is currently in Arizona seeking treatment for "childhood trauma" according to Tyler Baltierra. She returned just three weeks after a previous trip to the rehab center where she had spent time after admitting she was having some serious suicidal thoughts and needed to get help.