''This Is Us'' will return next Tuesday with its Episode 16 "Vegas, Baby." The first episode in three weeks, the upcoming chunk of the beloved TV series is expected to offer a new heading now that Jack Pearson's death is no longer a factor of mystery or controversy.

Some are putting their hopes into a brighter Season 2 finale, but they may be hoping in vain. ''This Is Us'' has been gaining a sizeable audience lately and the amount of buzz around the show has increased. Moreover, for those truly familiar with the matter, this TV drama knows how to squeeze every drop of emotion out of the average viewer.

Unlikely candidate for life-threatening scenario

The video below pictures what some think that may be a hint of, a new direction the show is yet to pursue. It all starts with Randall Pearson trying to comfort his daughter, Tess, at the end of what was apparently a tough day. The Super Bowl never comes easy for Randall as it represents the day when his beloved father died.

At some point during the scene, Beth picked up a phone call from Deja who suddenly reentered their lives. As the scene is about to end, a first-ever fast forward flash has an old-aged Randall visiting his daughter who was working as a social worker.

Some found the scene to be a bit incomplete and lacking a vital element and, almost immediately, turning the point of interest to Beth Pearson.

It may sound like a poorly made connection, but the possible scenario of Beth being in danger didn't come out of thin air.

There are several gossip outlets debating rumors that one of the main characters is about to die after a terminal cancer plot twist. But, the other side had its own episode too. According to Glamour magazine, there is no cause to worry about Beth.


A new tragedy might still shake the world

''This Is Us'' has created quite a reputation for itself and, it seems, only for itself. It is a well-deserved reputation as it is rare to find an episode of "This is Us" that doesn't leave one soaked in tears and clean out of Kleenex.

Assuming that Beth Randall has escaped the spectre of death, there are a plethora of other possible dramatic twists.

Let's not forget that Rebecca Pearson, this amazing character that breathes balance through every inch of her skin, is past her sixtieth anniversary. Moreover, her presence in the future time axis is something yet to be uncovered. Rebecca dying must be looked at as a matter of when and not if.