On Monday Night (Feb. 5), many "Teen Mom OG" fans tuned in to see what was going to happen with the MTV series as Season 7 neared the finale. They were shocked and a little confused when the new episode didn't air. Instead, a repeat of "Teen Mom 2's Biggest Behind the Scenes Moments" took its place.

What happened with the new episode?

Last week, a new episode of "Teen Mom OG" aired. Viewers were teased with the drama of Farrah Abraham's firing, something that has been building since the season began. Then, there was nothing.

"Teen Mom OG" viewers tuned in to see what would happen next after having been left with a cliffhanger and plenty of teasers last week.

Not to mention, there was supposed to be a new episode on Monday night, according to the TV Guide.

Now, with the season supposedly almost over and so many loose ends to tie up, MTV fans want to know if their favorite show has been canceled. It doesn't seem likely that MTV would just end the season so abruptly, without any sort of wrap up for the cast.

According to In Touch, it's very likely that MTV is holding back the final episode of Season 7 in order to build up the suspense and gain more interest in watching it rather than canceling the show altogether. It's not likely that the popular MTV series is going away just because Farrah Abraham won't be back; if that's even the case.

Many were confused

Still, many "Teen Mom OG" fans were let down on Monday night when they prepped for their favorite show only to find a rerun of the "Teen Mom 2" special in its place. They took to social media to see if others were having the same confusion.

With the show teasing Farrah getting fired all season long, certainly, this latest episode is one of the most highly anticipated in a long time.

That's probably why MTV opted to wait to air the latest episode. There also seemed to be some confusion over whether the new episode is scheduled for the upcoming week or not with fans on Twitter frantically checking listings and wondering if MTV would just drop everyone off a cliff like that and end the show with no resolution.

It turns out that MTV wouldn't do that to us and there is a new episode of "Teen Mom OG" coming to clear up everyone's questions. According to the TV Guide, it will be on February 12, which is this coming Monday night at 9/8 central. It should be a great one as they wrap up all of the storylines with Farrah Abraham's firing and Ryan Edwards' post-rehab life being the highlights that many are looking forward to seeing.