Oprah Winfrey is a contributor on CBS' "60 minutes." She led a special segment on Sunday, February 18, 2018. The media mogul interviewed a panel of 14 Republicans, Democrats, and Independent voters from Grand Rapids, Michigan. The discussion was about Trump's first year in office. Oprah is a longtime interviewer, and she did a proper interview. She did not sway the discussion one way or another. However, President Donald Trump did not see it that way.

What Trump tweeted

President Trump blasted Oprah on Twitter for the way she conducted the interview.

In his usual manner, he tweeted his reaction to the "60 Minutes" segment. He accused Winfrey of being insecure. He said the questions she asked were biased and slanted and the facts were incorrect. He added that he is still hoping she will become his opponent for the next presidential race in 2020 so he can expose and defeat her just like all the others.

A balanced interview

Those who watched the "60 Minutes" interview didn't think it was biased and slanted.

Instead, the report was rather balanced. The panelists are the ones who responded with a range of answers. Some voters said they love him more and more every day, and some said all Trump does is bully people. However, Oprah did not give a personal opinion. She merely asked reasonable questions. She asked if the country is better off economically and if respect for the country is being noticed around the world.

The report was actually the second part of the one that was aired last September with seven voters who were for the president and seven were against him. Oprah returned to Grand Rapids to follow up with the same people, especially since she knew the 14 people had stayed in touch and became friends even though they have different political views.

The episode was balanced because Trump's supporters spoke highly of him and others expressed concern over how he is running the country. Most of the complaints were against Trump's habit of tweeting. One panelist said she would rather have a president who cares more about the country than about his tweets. That became ironic because Trump tweeted about the segment that mentioned his tweeting habits. In other words, he proved the panelist right.

Trump's wish

Oprah told Entertainment Weekly and other media outlets that she is not going to run for president. While others are trying to get her to run, the television personality says it is not in her DNA. Therefore, President Trump will not get his wish to run against her in 2020 for the chance to expose and defeat her.