The finale of Season 30 of "The Amazing Race" aired on CBS on Wednesday, February 21. The winners, Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf, known as Team Big Brother, won with flying colors. They were part of the final four teams. The other three teams were Alex Rossi and Conor Daly (Team Indy Car), Henry Zhang and Evan Lynyaka (Team Yale) and Kristi Leskinen and Jen Hudak (Team Extreme). All the teams hustled during the finale, but only one team could win the $1 million.

What happened during the finale?

During the first hour, Team Yale came in the first place even though they encountered a speed bump.

It was quite easy for that team to get around China because Henry is bilingual. Team Big Brother came in second, Team Extreme came in third. Team Indy Car came in last and was sent home.

The three remaining teams competed outside Giants Stadium in San Francisco where Willie Mays hit 660 home runs. The teams had to search through hundreds of baseballs floating in the water to find ones with certain numbers on them. Team Extreme came in first, Team Big Brother second and Team Yale came in third.

The last competition was on the USS Hornet. The teams were required to find 12 parts of an airplane that had been scattered across the ship. After finding all the pieces, they had to put the plane together.

One half of each team had to work on the plane without their partners. There were plenty of trials and errors before Jessica became the first to put her plane together. Then she met Cody who was waiting for her at the finish line. They were announced the winners. Team Yale came in second place with Team Extreme ended up in third place.

Cody and Jessica began a showmance when they were on the last season of "Big Brother." They were not liked very much on that reality show. They performed much better on "The Amazing Race" than they did on "Big Brother." Cody gave Jessica a lot of credit for them winning because she was there for him along the way. She said the same thing about him.

Cody and Jessica engaged

Cody and Jessica talked about what they will do with the $1 million. However, the finale was taped before they became engaged. Since then, they shared with Us Weekly how Cody proposed on a mountaintop on February 13 after he prayed with Jessica. They will use some of the money for their fall wedding in Los Angeles. Cody said the only involvement he wants in the wedding is for his 5-year-old daughter to be a flower girl and for Texas Roadhouse to cater the reception. They promised to invite Team Indy Car and Team Extreme to their wedding.