MTV has decided to fire Jenelle Evans' husband, David Eason, from "Teen Mom 2." The decision was made by the executives at the TV channel following several homophobic statements Eason posted on his Twitter account, a report by Daily Mail reports. Even though Eason deleted the tweets immediately after he realized what was wrong with them, it took no time for them to go viral. An MTV spokesperson even came forward to clarify that Eason’s comments on Twitter do not reflect the views of their channel. Furthermore, they have decided to end their relationship with him thereon.

Eason's take on LGBTQ

In the tweets that showed up over the weekend, Eason said that he wouldn’t let his children turn out to be LGBTQ. The highly-offensive comment enraged his followers, a majority of whom are presumed to be straight. His co-star, Kailyn Lowry, also came forward with a demand that Eason is taken off the series altogether. She later told TMZ that her husband didn’t predict his followers would offense and that he doesn’t understand how Twitter even works. Since he realized that he is responsible for his opinions, he has decided to deactivate his account and has agreed to keep his comments to himself, his wife added.

Lowry further went on to explain that Eason doesn’t hate the LGBT community and that he has always gotten along well with those belonging to that group.

Her comment on the matter concluded with, “We are sorry for the comments that were made.” Eason’s tweet earlier on Monday (Feb. 18) read, “Lmao, why don’t you go tell the homo and transgender parents to start teaching their kids better morals? Oh, I forgot, that’s supposed to be normal.” He then went on to add that he won’t allow his children to associate with LGBTQ people or “be that way.”

Jenelle Evans DID test positive

Meanwhile, Evans confirmed that she tested positive for THC, an active ingredient found in cannabis, following her daughter Ensley’s delivery back in January of 2017.

She revealed that while she tested positive, Ensley did not. Evans was apparently visited by the Child Protective Services, and that is when the "Teen Mom 2" star admitted to smoking cannabis within 30 days of giving birth. The "Teen Mom 2" star justified her actions by saying that she was experiencing bad esophageal spasms and was throwing up every five minutes. Therefore, she decided to opt for cannabis in the hope of feeling better. Ensley is Evans's first child with husband Eason.