Kylie Jenner has recently given birth to a baby girl. The three-week-old baby girl is named Stormi. According to DailyStar, Jenner recently said: "She looks just like me when I was a baby." The Reality TV actress also posted the picture of her child on Instagram. Jenner is said to spending her time in California with her family.

Meanwhile, the reports suggest that Jenner and Travis Scott are no longer together, a recent tabloid report suggested. However, Gossip Cop came forward to refute the split rumors. They suggest that even though Jenner and Scott won’t get married anytime soon, they are still a couple.

However, since we haven’t received any official confirmation from Jenner herself, we don’t know which news to believe first. It is worth noting that Scott was rumored to be absent most of the time during Jenner's pregnancy.

Kylie, a single mother now?

Earlier this week, a report by Heat suggested that Kylie Jenner had begun life as a single mother. The reality TV star is back in the spotlight with her daughter Stormi but is no longer accompanied by Travis Scott. The report quoted sources close to the information as saying that Scott is not ready to settle down as yet and therefore, he has decided to put his career ahead of his family by cooling things off with Kylie Jenner. Reports further suggest that Scott might help Kylie's family financially even after the seperation.

As far as Jenner is concerned, it is reported that the star tried everything in her capacity to bring Scott in line, but nothing has worked. The mother-of-one thought that Scott might change his mind after she gave birth to their child but he hasn’t, and now, the star feels betrayed.

What else?

This tabloid article is not the first time that it is alleged that Jenner and Scott are no longer a pair.

Back in January, it was suggested by numerous reports that Jenner was not only dumped by Scott but that she was even moving away to New York to get over him. These rumors are unable to explain the photo that Scott posted just days back. In the photo, Scott and Jenner are seen cuddling up on a sofa, and everything appears to be going well between the two.

At the same time, Jenner and Scott aren’t making any further plans for the future. They are happy together with their daughter, Stormi, and are committed to staying a couple for whatever the future brings them. It is worth noting that earlier Kylie Jenner was in a relationship with Tyga. Jenner fans might see "Life of Kylie" Season 2 soon.