In "Teen Mom" news, 26-year-old Tyler Baltierra lost 26 pounds within the space of one month, then he reached 30 pounds after two months. His weight loss journey has been challenging because some critics shared their not-so-positive views on social media, without even stopping to think what it has been like for him. Tyler explained that he made a decision to eat healthier about eight weeks ago. He added that he’s even cooking much better now, after learning how. He stated that he was not on "a diet," but cared more about what he was putting into his body, according to E!

Online. He decided to cut out carbs and replace them with fruits, veggies, fish and even lean meats and salads.

A major lifestyle change

Tyler has changed his lifestyle for the better. He was pleased to admit that he quit smoking and feels fantastic! Tyler said, “I’m crushing these personal goals and loving the rewards that come with it! #Motivated #IDontBowDown #IAmMyOnlyCompetition.”

Tyler was excited to share one of his favorite dishes -- stir-fried shrimp and broccoli over rice.

He was actually happy to be able to eat rice. One critic asked about his ability to pass a muffin or ice cream shop as if they don’t exist, and Tyler’s response was simply that he’ll walk past and hurl insults until he is far away and they are no longer a temptation.

Online criticism

Unfortunately, continuous questions plague Tyler on social media, but one, in particular, stood out about his weight loss at this time and whether it would ultimately cause more anxiety/depression for his wife Catelyn, who’s currently in rehab.

Tyler’s responded by posting that the only one responsible for his wife’s emotions was his wife. He also added that he refused to put his goals on the back burner.

More questions poured in and thoughts were shared, especially ones that described Tyler as being selfish because of him posting about his weight loss online, with some saying that it shows him as uncaring toward his wife and makes him out to be a "bad guy." According to Tyler, both he and his wife are investing in their self-care simultaneously.

Another poster said that his wife was holding him back, but he disagreed and said, “Correction, NO one can hold you back besides YOU! To blame your own iniquities on someone else is unfair. To both you and them.”

So, there you have it, a young man with hopes and dreams of becoming a healthier and better man in 2018.