To some, this season of "The Bachelor" hasn't lived up to the zaniness of previous seasons. Fans want to press fast forward and find out who won. Time travel doesn't exist yet, but spoilers do. And the latest batch of spoilers may hold the key to who wins this season of the reality competition.

Reality Steve has been reporting spoilers of the show for some time now. He dropped a bombshell this week, suggesting that he knows the winner of this season of "The Bachelor." Read further if you want to know how this season is going to end!

Big spoilers ahead

Intrigue always abounds when the hometown dates occur. By the time that part of the show rolls around, there are only four contestants remaining. According to Reality Steve, those contestants will be Tia Booth, Lauren Burnham, Becca Kufrin, and Kendall Long. Tia, the physical therapist, and Kendall, the Californian set dresser, don't make it to the final two episodes of "The Bachelor."

That leaves just Becca and Lauren competing for Arie's heart. According to spoilers, Becca ends up with the ring at the end of the show. Because this is the world of reality television, however, that might be far from the end of the story, even if that's how "The Bachelor" concludes.

Reality Steve reports that when "The Bachelor" actually premiered, Arie was already broken up with Becca.

He supposedly had misgivings about picking her over Lauren. In fact, he supposedly placed a call to Lauren, which may have led to the production crews shooting new scenes. How the series handles that situation remains to be seen.

Reality television is always full of twists and turns. If the spoilers prove to be true, however, this season of "The Bachelor" may prove to be unprecedented in the annals of the genre.

About 'The Bachelor'

We're currently in the middle of the current cycle of the show. Arie is one of the oldest bachelors in the history of the show, with the race car driver being 36 years old. He was a former contestant on "The Bachelorette" during Emily's season in 2012 when he finished as a runner-up to Jef.

The conclusion to this season of "The Bachelor" is just a month away.

The "Women Tell All" special will air on Friday. March 2. Three days later, there will be a two-hour season finale, followed by the classic "After the Final Rose" special.

Of course, you don't need to watch those programs. With these spoilers, you already know exactly how the rest of "The Bachelor" will unfold.