Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney share two biological children together. Jayde and Maverick are a year apart, and both were surprise pregnancies for the couple. While Bookout claims she is done having children biologically, McKinney isn't sure he wants to only adopt in the future. Maci would give him more biological children, but she would prefer to adopt. He is currently helping his wife raise her oldest son, Bentley. Her relationship with Bentley's dad, Ryan Edwards, has played out since “16 & Pregnant.”

Maci's heartbreaking loss

During a promo for the upcoming episode of “Teen Mom OG,” Maci Bookout reveals something no one has heard about.

In fact, from the way things sound, it looks like it was something that happened recently. According to Radar Online, Maci Bookout reveals she miscarried a little girl. The baby girl was referred to as Dande, and the couple then mentioned her name was Dandelion. Clearly, it was uncomfortable for Taylor McKinney to talk about on camera. He made it clear to Maci he didn't want to take the conversation further because they had not yet talked to their parents.

While it is unknown whether this miscarriage happened recently, it was still fresh in their minds. Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney had not mentioned anything in the media about another child. However, that isn't surprising. When Bookout revealed she was pregnant with Maverick, it was well into her pregnancy.

The announcement came on Valentine's Day and she delivered her son at the end of May. “Teen Mom OGfans are shocked to watch the conversation as it plays out in the promo. Given Maci's health with PCOS, it wouldn't be shocking if the couple didn't know they were pregnant until they lost the baby.

Moving forward

There is a lot happening in Maci Bookout's life right now.

Last season, it was revealed that her ex-boyfriend was addicted to heroin. Ryan Edwards went to treatment shortly after last season revealed his problem to the world. Bookout has been on the receiving end of backlash because of her willingness to talk about the problems she suspected with her ex. In fact, his current wife, Mackenzie Standifer, attacked Maci during the “Teen Mom OG” reunion.

Now that all of that seems to be working out, Bookout can focus on getting her life back. Moving forward after the drama with her ex and the loss of her daughter isn't going to be easy, but Maci is used to fighting an uphill battle.