"Teen Mom OG" star Amber Portwood's fans feel that there is something a little off about Amber's second pregnancy. They believe that there very well could be some Baby Daddy drama brewing between Amber, Andrew Glennon, and ex-Matt Baier. According to In Touch, Amber's second child, a boy, is scheduled to arrive around Mother's Day. However, some fans believe that the timeline between Amber Portwood and Matt Baier's break up and Amber's relationship with Andrew is a little off.

Paternity issues

The questionable math has caused quite a stir on social media among Amber Portwood fans.

Many "Teen Mom" fans believe that there is a very high probability that Amber's baby daddy could very well be her ex, Matt Baier. Considering Amber and Matt's nasty breakup and all the controversy surrounding the split, can you blame Amber if she did not want to admit that Matt was the baby daddy?

Will Matt Baier question Amber?

Fans are predicting that very soon a paternity test is going to come into play, if the subject has not come up yet, it will, according to reports. As previously reported, Amber Portwood confirmed her pregnancy, revealing that she was expecting her second child with new boyfriend Andrew Glennon. "Teen Mom" fans are well aware that Amber's split from Matt was just about as nasty as it can get.

However, Matt still attempts to contact Portwood on a regular basis.

If by chance Matt is still in love with Amber this would be a perfect opportunity for him to stay relevant in her life. Even if it is only long enough to take a paternity test. If by chance Matt is the father then Amber is in for a lifetime of Matt's involvement.

Fans agree that Matt Baier was using Amber and took full advantage of her fame and money during the relationship. That being said, it would make sense that Matt would stir up the drama pot for a couple of reasons. First off, he got used to the fame. Riding Amber Portwood's coattails made him relevant. Next, the money, the stories, and photos he could sell would add up to a tidy little sum for Baier should a question of paternity arise.

Money to be made

Many fans hope that things are as they appear and that Amber Portwood will finally find happiness and love once and for all. However, reality television being what it is, usually where there is smoke, there is drama and money to be made from it.

What are your thoughts? Do you believe there is a chance that Amber Portwood could be pregnant with Matt Baier's baby instead of Andrew Glennon's? How do you believe this will all play out?