Game show host Drew Carey took a huge spill while on Stage during Wednesday's "price Is Right" game show. Carey took a hard tumble after a contestant got overly excited after winning the prelim round. The overly excited winner, whose name is Sona, grabbed Carey, who lost his footing next to the edge of the stage and fell.

Drew Carey's show must go on

Drew Carey hit the edge of the stage, landing on a light fixture, which luckily stopped him from falling completely off the stage. Carey, being the great host that he is, jumped quickly back up and continued on like a pro.

However, we have to believe he is going to feel this one big time tomorrow, if not earlier.

The overzealous "Price Is Right" contestant did win $2000 in cash, a treadmill, and a great story. As for Carey, he took it like a champ and even the announcer got in on the laughs and joked with the contestant who's next game prize was a new car (though she did not win it). He jokingly asked her to please refrain from injuring the stage (or the host), with a laugh. Drew Carey is not the only celebrity to suffer an embarrassing stage fall.

Celebrities have been suffering these not-so-prideful moments for decades, however, with today's technology, just about everyone has a phone camera on you, so famous or not, sometimes your most embarrassing moments are caught on camera and immediately shared across the world, compliments of the Internet.

Celebrities that have suffered embarrassing falls

Some other big celebrities who have suffered a humiliating stage falls include former One Direction members, especially Harry Styles, and Madonna. Both have suffered this major celebrity downfall more than once. Next on the list is Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler. Tyler was messing around on stage during a sold-out show and bumped lead guitarist Joe Perry, when Perry retaliated he went a little harder than necessary and Tyler flew off the stage, face-first into the crowd.

Country singer Garth Brooks has also suffered a few stage blunders that led to him flying through the air and hitting the stage. Foo Fighter frontman Dave Grohl suffered a fall that left him with a broken leg, and, as previously reported, most recently, Marlyn Manson suffered a nasty stage fall after a prop setting failed him.

He was taken to the hospital and treated for leg injuries.

Fans are glad that Drew Carey and all the other celebrities listed here were not seriously injured. Have you ever witnessed a celebrity stage tumble?